Friday, December 5, 2008

Flu hits and no dolls being finished!

I have been hit with the flu and just can't seem to get enough energy to finish any of the holiday dolls I started. Today is the first I've felt well enough to really do more than check email.

I have 3 really pretty angels that just need their faces done and wings glued on. I also have more of the Christmas elves I made last year sewn and ready to be stuffed but instead of working on them I've been laying around reading.

Lucky for me that last Sat. before I got sick I went to my local library and got some dvds and books. This week I finished Ernie by Ernest Borgnine and American Prince by Tony Curtis. Interesting reads. I found I liked Borgnine more after reading his book and Curtis less after reading his. I found it nice to know that Borgnine did like doing McHale's Navy. My Mom always said there was a rumor he only did it for the money and felt he was really too good to be doing it. It's also great to know that the old guy (91 !) is still pretty healthy and working. I always enjoyed Tony's work, even some of the really bad movies, but after reading about how much he cheated on his wives and how he still seems to feel there was nothing wrong with it, I have to admit I'm not as big of a fan as I once was. This is a guy who enjoyed women so much he really should have been like his buddy Hef and stayed single until he got much older. Last night I started Cheech & Chong by Tommy Chong. He's a very good writer and I was surprised to find that he was a muscian in bands in Canada in the late 1950's. I'm really enjoying the book but after I finish this one I've got to get back to sewing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving is almost here but I haven't made anything!

Had a strange experience with the US post office in Oct. I mailed a mummy doll I sold, forgot to get delivery conformation so I had a tracking number, and wouldn't you know it took 12 days for the package to show up! I was all set to refund the customer's money when she emailed that it had come that afternoon. Learned my leason to always get conformation when I mail from the post office! Never have that problem when mailing using paypal, they add it for only 18¢. The P.O. charges 65¢. I picked up a small stack of the forms you have to fill out so I won't have to do it there.

I enjoyed making Halloween dolls so much I was still working on them until I realized I had better move on to winter dolls. I only sold 2 Halloween dolls this season but when I put up the winter holiday dolls I had left from last year at ebay all but 2 have sold. That was enough to get me moving. Funny thing was that I had already sorted my fabrics and had made lists of what I wanted to make but just couldn't get moving.

Part of the problem was I was in the middle of making a special order angel for a customer and I was so stressed that it wouldn't come out perfect for her. This is what I do, stress and panic over everything. First I spent way too much time just thinking it over how she should be dressed, then came having to take apart a baby dress the customer wanted her dressed in. It took 2 weeks before I had the courage to cut the dress. I finally got her sent out a few days ago and I'm stressed that it still won't be ok. The customer, Bonnie, found me on etsy and asked if I could make her an angel like my folk art angel pattern. She loved how that one looked like her daughter who had passed away from cancer. Knowing just how special this doll would be made me freeze when it came time to make her. You know I don't think I'm cut out to do special orders, I just can't take the presure. Here's the finished doll. I think she is so sweet, but then I LOVE dots!

Another slow down problem I had was last Wed. I cracked a filling and couldn't get to the dentist until yesterday (tue.). Made me misereable not being able to have raw fruits and veg because I couldn't chew right. Lucky no cavity just the filling had to be replaced and the dentist wants to cap it. Unfortunately my dental insurance only covers part of it. Guess I better get busy and make some dolls to sell, gonna owe the Dr. over $300!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! Our town did trick or treat last night and we only had 14 kids even though the weather was pretty good, cold but no rain. As much as I love Halloween I just wasn't in the mood to dress up, not even put on a my fav (and easy) witch hat with it's lime green feather boa. I'm still trying to finish my last 2 halloween dolls and having to stop to hand out candy was so distracting. One is a fairy that I LOVE but I still need to finish her wings. Today I'm going to add some irresdescent paint to them. The other one was supposed to be queen of the spiders but I've had nothing but trouble with her. I had planned on doing a skirt with layers of ruffles but didn't like how that came out so I redid her skirt. It's not how I planned but will have to do. I'm finishing up her net cape and then I have to make her some bead and wire spiders. Funny how some dolls come together so easy, like the fairy. and others just drive me crazy.

Sad how slow sales are this halloween. I only sold the 2 small crochet bears I did for halloween and 2 dolls, the mummy and Deirdre the witch. Hopefully after the election people will feel like shopping again. I keep most of my dolls up at ebay all year but since I may close the store from Jan to March, I'll move them to etsy as the listings expire. My groups at ebay have some great items listed all year for halloween so search ebay using SEHA and HA31 to find them. Don't forget to select store inventory in the options on the left of the page to see everything.

Started making lists of the winter dolls I'll be making. I'm getting excited to start cutting them out. I bought some great fabrics at the quilt show I went to and can't wait to use them. I want to make some more Santa elves like I made last winter. Go back to Jan. posts (maybe Dec) to see pictures of them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love Halloween!

Wow! here I am back again. Just had to post a few new pics. This pumpkin lady is Lissette and she's holding a black key wrapped in orange tinsel garland. After I finished her she insisted I just wasn't done and wanted a butterfly mask. I thought about sewing one or making it from paper mache but then I remembered I had bought some transparencies to try making wings for my fairies. I printed a few and one came out perfect so after I get it coated with gloss varnish a few times I'll attach it to a painted wood skewer, add some ribbon, cut out the holes for the eyes and she'll have her mask. I'll post the pic when I get it done. She's up on ebay right now but I'll have to revise the listing when I get her mask down.

This is Stella, a witchy cat. I couldn't decide if she was a cat turned into a witch or a witch who turned herself into a cat. I liked her so much I decided she needed a sister so that's how Calliope came about. When I was selecting the fabric for the clothing I just got the idea that this cat was going to be white instead of the traditional black. I found this great dotted fabric by Moda at a quilt show I went to a few weeks ago. I look forward to it every year and stock up on great Halloween and Christmas type fabrics. Both are up at my ebay store.

Have been thinking seriously about closing my ebay store in Jan. The fees are so high I'm not making much on tatting supplies. I think if I'd spend more time on my etsy store I could get it moving better. Etsy just added a catagory for art dolls so when the ebay listing end I'm going to move them over there. I've found other store owners at ebay don't keep them open all year around because of the slow times and not wanting to pay the rent. Maybe I should have a go at consignment sales for other artists that don't want to have a store? A lot to think about!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Horray for Halloween!

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted since August. I really (finally!) got busy sewing up dolls for halloween. I just love this time of year with the leaves turning colors and wearing my fav turtlenecks. I love turtlenecks so much I even wear short sleeve and sleeveless ones in the summer. I have short hair now and my neck get so cold (brrrrr). Makes me miss my shoulder length hair but it's another reason to love them.

Have lots of Halloween dolls up over at ebay. Even though Halloween is next week I'm still having fun making more. It's going to be hard to switch over to Christmas dolls! I'm only posting some pictures of a few of the dolls. They're in my store so use the link at the right to see more of them ( and maybe buy a few!) The one above is called a noddy because she's a head on an old rusty bed spring. I also made a witch noddy.

This is the first mummy I've made and she even has her own mummy cat! I used sheep wool for her hair, painted her face, then wrapped her in cheesecloth.

Have to admit it, I love to make pumpkin head ladies! I have another white one I'm finishing up.

This is the seocnd vampire queen I've made. She's Margaux #2 in the series. She kinda matches one I made last year except that one was a tree topper. This one is meant to hang on the wall or door.
This is regina, a ghost bride. Made just like Margaux above she's #2 in a series.

This is one of my favorites. She an elf goth girl out walking her pet bat! I was planning on doing a goth Pollyanna and she came out instead. She even has long pointy ears!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a quick post!

I actually made this doll last fall and had her on ebay but she didn't sell. I packed her away in a halloween bag (of course!) and now she's listed again. I hope by getting her on early she'll sell this year. I really like making these king of dolls and want to make a few this season.

Been really busy making stuff. I tatted some trim to use on fall dolls and crocheted some trim using eyelash yarn to trim paper gift bags. I thought I'd have a go at making them for something different. I also have 4 more paper mache pumpkins I'm working on. They're a lot of fun to make!

Still working on a fall tree lady. The wood base is giving me way too much trouble. I tried crackle but it was too humid and it wouldn't work, then I tried mod podging skeleton leaves but the mod podge was old and wouldn't dry. So now I scrubbed off all the old stuff and am going to try crackle again with a new bottle of crackle medium. This picture shows the leaves before I put a coat of mod podge on. All it did was bubble and smell awful.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally found some energy!

I've been busy since I last posted finishing more dolls and working on the topsy-turvy doll pattern. I hurt my back and couldn't do much for a few days but I'm back to finishing projects. I have too many UFOs in my sewing room now so I need to get some stuff done.

Finally got the cute little paper mache pumpkin done for the crochet bear. I also made some Halloween tags I'll be including when he sells. Don't have a pic with it so I'll just post this one.
I also finished this sweet fall fairy bear. She's made using the same brown yarn as the Halloween bear. She's sitting in a nest decorated with silk sunflowers. Her wings are crocheted from orange and white variegated thread.

Here's a picture of the rabbit I made back in the spring but with her new wings and wand. Isn't she so pretty?

None of them are up on ebay yet. Just thought I'd wait until next month. I also have 2 crocheted mermaids and will soon be done with a cat angel and a tree lady! The cat was supposed to be done for my HA31 ebay group it was based on a poem about a cat that barely hangs on to her witch's broom that a fellow member wrote. My version is the cat who lost hold and is now an angel. I really like her and might have to live with her a while before I put her up for sale. Because I hurt my back I didn't get it finished in time. Same with the tree. She was supposed to be done for SEHA at ebay last week but I'm just finishing the fabric for the bark. I still want to couch more fibers to it. This tree will have a "people"face, arm branches that end in fingers, leaves for her hair, and other embellishments. I saw a picture of one done in Soft Dolls and Animals magazine a few years ago and knew I wanted to do my version. When I get them done, I'll post pictures!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Actually Working on Things!

I've actually been working on things instead of vegging out. Here's head shots of the new doll pattern I'm working on. It's a folk art topsy turvy doll.

Next comes the clothing and then the hair, and the directions of course. When I was designing Lena I learned it's best to work on the directions in pub. as I go so I won't have to type them all at one time. Also helps me keep track of what I need pictures or drawings of.

I also have some crocheted bears done and ready to put up on ebay. Also got the rabbit wings and wand done. I'll post pics of them later.
I was so happy with the prizes I won at Bonehead Studios! I got a great polka dot paper cone (love how it's decorated!), a glittered pumpkin, some tags, and a few other things. Flora just got in at a new site. Have a look at the site blog: Not sure when the regular site will be finished.
Got so mad at Yahoo about how much they raised my domain registration ( $9.95 to 34.95!) that I asked some friends in the groups I belong to if they could suggest what to do. One person, Day, said to transfer it to The transfer has gone thru but now I'm waiting for the redirect to work. I built the site before I ever got a domain so it's actually at geocities : Hope to get the forward working soon as the first issue my ad is in comes out in August.
Gotta run!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I won a prize at Bonehead Studios!

In my last post I told you about Flora at having a drawing to celebrate her blog. Well, I entered and my name was chosen first! Yay me! I really needed a pick me up since I have a had a bad case of the blues since April. Going from one sickness to another didn't help but winning a gift sure does!

I thought I might try this but now that ebay isn't going to allow any outside links, I wouldn't be able to share the contest with my friends in the ebay groups I belong to. Happy I didn't start a group because the leaders are in charge of removing outside links or their group could be suspended.

Got my domain renewal from yahoo. It's gone up again, this time to $34.95. Why are they treating their old customers so bad since new domains are really cheap? Must be taking lessons from ebay!

I have a small crocheted thread bear done. I wanted him to hold something so I'm working on a little paper mache pumpkin. Just have to paint and decorate it! Hope to list it on ebay next week. He's a halloween bear with a ruff collar and cone hat.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm finally back and lot's of stuff happening!

Finally back and without that stupid cold, but I do have a bad sunburn. Dumb to garden without putting on sunblock!

A friend from my ebay groups, HA31 & SEHA is having a drawing to celebrate her 100th post. She's giving away some fantasic stuff so go have a look and sign up!

Some fantastic news! I finally got in at Patternmart. I have to pay a monthly fee to sell there but will be able to offer e-pats when I get them done! I put 3 of my patterns up this morning and plan on adding the rest a few at a time. Now I have to get my pdf maker and do those. Here's a link:

That means you can now buy my patterns at my web site:

at Doll Maker's Journey:

at Cloth Doll Patterns :

And don't forget to look for my ad in the fall/winter issues of Soft Dolls & Animals magazines.

Finally got a rabbit I made in April up for sale on eBay. I only made 2 rabbits for Easter but didn't get them finished in time to put them up so they have been packed away. This is the folk art primmy looking one. I'm thinking about adding wings to the other, so it's not up yet.
Here's a pic:

I really like her. I used the same pattern I used to make the winter dolls I sold on ebay to make her. She's teastained and has a bit of needle sculpting to her body. Her felt hat is removeable.

Here's a pic of the other rabbit. She's not up yet because I don't have her wings on her yet but I thought I'd post this pic anyway. A friend at Fairyzine has come up with a term called cupcake chic. I think she falls into that catagory.

As you can see I was really into dots in the spring. In fact I've been using dots and stripes a lot in the past year.

I'm finishing up 2 small crocheted bears. One is done for Halloween and the other is a butterfly bear. I'll post pics when I put them up at ebay. I'm also still working on the pattern for the prim folk art topsy-turvy doll. Got side lined with the cold but hope to get the faces painted this week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rotten Birthday- have a cold

Last week was my birthday and I came down with a cold the day before. I still have it and am having a hard time doing much of anything other than checking for orders. I did do a quick update of my website because I'll be advertising in Soft Dolls & Animals magazine this fall. With the postage increase I had to fix my orderform and how to order page. I did update some other things, too. Now if I could just feel better to work on my web site here at google and on patterns and get back to exercising and to plant a garden and to ....................

Won't be posting again until I actually get some things done.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too much time dreaming, not enough working

Thought I'd post even though not much is going on. I did set up a store at under 1creativestitches. Still not happy about having a number in front but I couldn't get just creativestitches or anything cool like creative::stitches or creative---stitches. Have 3 of my patterns up and if I'd ever get out of my funk I plan on putting up all of my old handmade bears from when I was still doing craft shows. I was going to sell them for $10 and under but just may wait until the area I live in has their community yard sale and try to get rid of them there first.

A post or 2 ago had me raving about having verizon dsl. Well it's still great to be able to get things done so fast but I'm having so many software conflicts with it. My husband didn't know that you 1. have to shut down all virus software when installing and 2. never install virus software when you already have one running on your computer. Now we have a mess. Verizon's off shore techies have deleted so many files that when I tried to go back with a system restore to before he installed everything, all I get are error messages. Looks like my next option is to contact Dell since it's still under warranty. Well, maybe now the husband will finally learn (did I actually start to finish this? Come ladies do they ever learn?)

Still working on the newest pattern but once again have gotten sidelined because I got an idea for one I'd rather make. If I'd ever finish all the patterns I have in various stages I'd have more than 50 for sale. Then there's wanting to work on some dragons I made last year. I was invited to join a group at ebay for dragon makers so now I've got dragons on the brain, too. Then there's the cd full of halloween clipart I bought from Dover. I want to make tags, jewelry and print some on fabric. Does anyone else feel that when you have too many ideas and projects going you just want to close the door to the sewing studio (or where ever you have your stuff) and veg out watching tv or read? I used to tat when I felt so over whelmed but now I even let that sit.

Did make one big decision. I have been working off and on for over 15 years on 2 books of tatting patterns. I finally realized that it's a pain trying to find a publisher (haven't looked and don't feel like it!) and printing it myself would be too expensive with all the color photos. I had been going to buy one of those binder thingys at Staples so I could make them with a spiral at the side edge but have decided to split them up and print them just like my doll patterns. There will be 3 -4 per pattern.

Another big decision is that I'm going to advertise in 3 issues of Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine. They have a great section in the back that's only $30 a month. Look for it in the last 3 of the year!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Etsy Store up & Running

Just a quick post about my etsy store. Finally got it up and listed my first item. It's for my new Lovelorn Lena pattern. Here's the link: if you want to have a look. From what I can tell it's better to post something everyday or so, not all at one time to keep your store at the top of search lists. It's weird how they list stuff but with so many newbies, things are changing over there. Catagories are being fixed. I'm so glad that self-published patterns will be going into handmade supplies. I hated the idea that my designs would be listed with the big guys you can buy at any fabric store. With more people joining and giving feedback I hope it becomes easier to use.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dsl dreams can come true!

Just a quick post to say how happy I am to finally have dsl. The slow dial-up I had kept me from doing so much but now, look out, I'm reading blogs and web sites that used to take 10 minutes or more to load! For the past few days I have to admit to not getting any work done as I go to sites I always wanted to see like the fairy society but couldn't because they were so graphic intensive that they just wouldn't load. Fun to see but didn't join. Same with the Harry Potter Lexicon.

Did get a store open at etsy under 1creativestitches but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with that name. I'm not happy with the one in front so I may have them close that account and reopen as creative::stitches or creativestitches::, there are already 3 other creativestitches but I hate to give up the name everyone knows me by at ebay. I also thought about going different with magicstitchescreations or creativemagicstitches but they are both kinda long. I have the worst time trying to make up my mind about anything so the store will sit empty until I do. I noticed that some people have mulitple stores to sell different things and I thought about that, too. I could sell patterns and supplies at one store and finished items at the other. That seems what a lot of people do. I did make a great banner for the store and used my little sewing girl as my avatar. You can go to and choose user name from the search drop down menu to find me if you want to see what done on the store so far. Oh well, I'm off to catch up on more sites and blogs! This week I hope to post pics of the 2 rabbits I finished.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Info about Halloween Artists, Katie, & other stuff

I wanted to say congrats to Katie, Punkin Doodle Boo, from my ebay group Halloween Artists. She was accepted into another fabo ebay group, Pfatt. This is a great group to get into and hard to get into (I know I tried!). Not only do they have an ebay group, they have a website where they showcase members work, . To celebrate becoming a member Katie's doing a giveaway of one of her fun sculptures. Go over to her blog to enter before May 10 th for a chance to win Peter Punkin Eater.

Besides Halloween Artists (HA31) I also belong to another fun halloween group at ebay called Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists (SEHA). They are a busy group, always having contests and challenges for it's members. Type in HA31 and SEHA to find some great Halloween art at ebay. The link for Halloween Artists web site in my links section takes you to our group site where you can see members work and read about halloween. SEHA hasn't started one yet. HA31 also has an off-site mesage board so we can talk about stuff ebay wouldn't want us to and a blog.

Now that I'm ready to open a store at I'll be looking to join some groups there, too. Def need some networking over there! So much new to learn.

Big news for me, I'm getting high speed DSL this week! I've been on sloooow dial-up since my first computer and with how long blogs and other sites can take to load, was going crazy waiting and waiting. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

I am working on the new pattern for a topsy-turvy doll. Sorry but no pics to post yet. I'm also finishing up 2 rabbits that were supposed to be done for Easter but I got sidelined and am just finshing them now. March was just too early for me to think rabbits. Doesn't it seem like it should be Easter this weekend?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About Comments & Email

I realize many love to leave comments after they read blogs, it's part of the experience isn't it? But after saying that I have to admit I don't check for them.

If you have ever tried to comment or even email me I have to say I'm sorry. Maybe when I get caught up on more things I'll change the settings.


Lovelorn Lena and her Frog Prince!

Yeah!!!! I finally finished my new pattern. It certainly took long but she is done and available for sale. You can buy her at my ebay store and my web store. I plan on opening an etsy store and will have her there, too. Hopefully I can get here at some other sites like and . They both sell some of my patterns but I'd love to get in some other online stores.
The picture is the same as I'll be using for the cover. Don't you love the frog?! I include 2 "spells" that are already printed. They are just bits of whimsey I made up. Also included is a face printed on muslin. Just paint or color in the features. So easy! There are 49 color pictures and 29 line drawings to make following the directions easy. Because of all the pictures, drawing, and the muslin face this pattern will sell for $12.00.
Did you know that ebay no longer allows e-patterns to be sold? I was trying to decide which version of Adobe Acrobat PDF maker to get when I found this out only by coming across some listings on ebay. I think I'll still get the software and offer e-pats at my sites and the etsy store. I love e-pats., it's great to get them right away. I think I'll still send a photo for the cover though. Hope you'll want to make her and the frog!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back so soon?

I'm even amazing myself to be back here so soon but I wanted to let anyone who's reading that I finally updated the handmade dolls and bears section at my web store site.

Ok, I admit most of what I put up has already been sold but at least you can get an idea of what all I can make. There are snow ladies, tree top angles, jewelry, and Valentine dolls for sale. Oh, and I have 4 mini thread crochet bears on bears 1 and 2 for sale.

I removed all the fake fur bears from the site because I'm seriously thinking about opening a store at etsy. I'd like to get rid of them at really low prices but with ebays fee increase that's not the place to sell them, I'm hoping etsy will be.

Someone at one of the Halloween groups I belong to at ebay wrote that google is thinking about getting into the auction business. We can only hope! Yahoo never did enough to promote their auctions when they had it. After all the press the ebay revolt got, I bet Yahoo's wishing they hadn't shut it down last year. Ebay is killing off all the small stores and sellers and the post office with their yearly increases isn't helping either. We so need someone to go up against ebay that has the money to advertise on TV so people will know about it and use it. Sites like epier, ecrater, and others just don't have the money for TV ads.

I'm off to play with my google web site. Right now it has 1 page, so much work to do! I am worried that google might shut the sites down and then all the work would be wasted. I will be going slow building the gallery I'm putting there.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dreaming of catching up!

Can I ever catch up? That's my biggest dream right now. There always seems to be so much more for me to do. Between things that need done around the house, sewing, and all of the online stuff I'm so far behind it would take years and 10 of me to catch up.

I'm still missing my sweet Spice but I have to admit I am having a less stress filled life and am able to get some things done. I started a website here at google. They are offering them in the lab. It's SO easy to use. No need to know how to write code. Can't wait until they're ready to fully launch. If they have less ads than yahoo, I'll be moving my business site over here. I'm going to use my pages for a doll gallery for now.
I'm almost done with my newest pattern (finally!!!!). It has changed so much over the time I have been working on it. A few more pages of directions and it will be ready. Here's a few pictures. The first is not the cover shot but one I took. Meet Lovelorn Lena and her frog prince. I was so worried I couldn't design a frog as I have never even made one but I'm really pleased with him. This pattern will have more color pics to help you with the sewing than any of my other patterns. I'm also including a printed face. I'm printing the faces on muslin, sealing them so the ink won't run, and including 1 with each pattern! This makes doing the faces so easy. All you have to do is color or paint, like a coloring book.

Hope to have her up for sale by next week when the cover pictures come in. Look for her at my eBay store and at the web store. Also hope to have her at and . Both of these fantastic web sites sell some of my patterns!

Right now in my eBay store you can find LeAnna and her frog prince. She was originally the second doll for this pattern. Rather than let her stay in pieces, I finished her. She has the same face and body but the hair and clothing are different. Here's a pic of her.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Life Intrudes With Loss

Life intrudes again on my blog. This time with the loss of my baby girl, Spice. She had just turned 16 on the 6th of Feb and though she had been ill since last Sept. ,when she had a stroke, I thought she'd be with me longer. She was a sweet huggy dog child who will be missed beyond measure.

A friend sent this poem:

Tribute To A Best Friend

Sunlight streams through window pane unto a spot on the floor....

Then I remember, it's where you used to lie, but now you are no more. Our feet walk down a hall of carpet, and muted echoes sound....

Then I remember, It's where your paws would joyously abound. A voice is heard along the road, and up beyond the hill, then I remember it can't be yours....

Your golden voice is still. But I'll take that vacant spot of floor and empty muted hall and lay them with the absent voice and unused dish along the wall.

I'll wrap these treasured memorials in a blanket of my love and keep them for my best friend until we meet above.

Author Unknown

Friday, February 8, 2008

Newest Valentine Dolls!

Finished 2 more dolls for Valentines! These are both at my eBay store, too. I used a pattern by Back Porch Pickins and made some changes to it. First I reduced the pattern, then I made a ladybug lady into a flower fairy. Both have leaf wings on their backs. I used felt to make the leafy hats. The wings, petals, felt hat, and clothing are my designs. The body is the Back Porch Pickins pattern. Still working on a valentine witch. Also have started to redesign the pattern I've been (not)working on since last year. Finally realized that the black and pink fabric I was using was wrong for the bag doll but perfect for a Valentine witch!

WoW! EBay has certainly upset everyone by changing the feedback and fees we pay. Never could understand why they treat their sellers so badly when they depend on us for money. Last year it was store owners and this year it's everyone. We can only hope another auction site will finally become bigger and better than ebay. Here's a link to story over at cnn about auction sites and how mad sellers are.

I thought about opening an Etsy store but no one seems to sell much over there. Besides then I'd need some place for the tatting supplies too. Like most of us, I'll be at eBay until they finally drive me away with too high of fees.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thinking of Valentine's day

I'm slowly working my way thru my old web site and updating the handmade dolls and bears pages. It's taking longer than I had hoped but little by little I'll get it done. I have pictures of the things I made for Halloween up, even though most are sold. At least now customers will be able to see some of my work. When I get all these pages done I plan on starting a new gallery site for the things that are sold.
Finally got 2 little Valentine fairies up for sale at the eBay store. See the pics below and above! I'm almost done with the 2 flower ladies. I hope to finish them tonight and get pics taken this weekend. I like to take them outside but right now there's an ice storm going on out there. BRRRRRRRR ! I have taken pics when it's really cold and even windy but it's not something I really want to do.

I used leaves for the wings of the fairy with the brown hair. I really like how the skeletonized leaves look but I am worried about shipping the doll.
The blonde's wings are made from a sheet of angelina fiber. I bought some and ironed a sheet 2 years ago. Never could get around to using it until now.

This past year I gathered up all kinds of info on making wings and hope to try some out. It's always been easier to buy than make them but I'm going to try some different types as I make spring fairies.

I've also got Spring rabbits on my mind. They're the next things I plan on making for the store.

If you read any of my past posts you may be wondering what ever happened to the new pattern I was working on. Well it's under gone 4 transformations. From there being 2 dolls to now only one, clothing changes from the original drawing, a valentine doll, to now being a witch. Never know what she'll eventually end up being.

Look for my patterns being sold as e-patterns sometime this spring!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreams of Ice & Wind

I've been trying to paint doll faces today but it's hard to concentrate when it's so cold and windy. I'm working on Valentine dolls. Two fairies just need their wings and 2 flower ladies need their faces finished and dressed.
Last week at the ebay store I sold 6 dolls to one customer! I was a bit scared at first because you hear about people who buy things, pay with paypal, then file claims that they didn't get what they ordered so paypal gives them their money back. The sellers are stuck, no items, no money. I sent them out on Fri. and am hoping for the best since the buyer has great feedbacks.

One of the dolls she bought was an Ice Princess Elf I had put up the night before. Here's her picture:

Her name is Princess Irena. I'm liking this theme so much I have an Ice Witch in mind if I have time to make her. Another of my problems is finding all the supplies since we don't have a big fabric/craft store near.
One of the ebay groups I belong is having a winter theme contest and I made the Jack & Jackie Frost dolls and this one for it. My customer bought all 3 dolls.
I took this same pattern and reduced it so I could make smaller elves and fairies. They don't stand as well with smaller feet but I really like the small size but then again I always prefer small dolls to big ones.
Back to work and trying to stay warm! No wonder I'm thinking about icy dolls, it's 6 out!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I spent a quiet new year and had a great surprise when I checked my emails on Tue. Pip Elf and Trudy Elf sold! After selling Halloween things over Dec. I was beginning to wonder what was up. It was hard to part with them but I sent them on their way. I hope Joyce will be happy with them! Look at the last 2 posts in Dec. for pics.

Another great surprise was on the next day a green crochet thread bear sold. I called her Molly Ann because of the 'M' on the jewelry box I sold with her. I had made her 2 years ago but couldn't decide what to do with her until I came across the jewelry box at a second hand store.
Love, love ,love second hand stores! I go to the local Salvation Army store, Humane Society resale store, and many others. I'm always finding great things and it feels great knowing I'm helping a charity and recycling.

Took down all the holiday graphics at my eBay store and updated my ME page. It took 2 days to sort them all out. I also put my last snowlady up. Her name is Anastasia. I love how the red fabric I used for her dress looks but it was so hard to sew. Her halo is holly and is removable.
I haven't sold any of the snowladies or the tree toppers but I'm hoping some customers will find them now that Christmas is over just like how the Halloween stuff sold in Dec. instead of Oct. It's amazing how some doll makers on eBay sell their things for hundreds of dollars and so many others (me included) struggle to find a following.
I'm working on the Jack Frosts, No pics to share but hope to have them finished next week. Trying to think Valentine but even though I have TONS of heart print fabric it's just not happening yet. I guess I have to get the Frosts done before I can move on. I think I'll stay with the elves and do some in the heart prints.