Sunday, February 18, 2024

Shuttle Tatting - The Magic Thread Trick

Have you heard of this? I stopped tatting probably about 6-7 years ago and just started again after finishing my new tatted quilt patterns. I found Noo Bear on you tube while researching tatting onion rings because I forgot how to do them and I'm working on some new patterns. This is SO great. Love her youtubes and even bought her pattern for Butterfly kisses at etsy. 

I really need to relearn some of the tatting stitches I used to make and this was really pretty. I kinda got stuck in making the squares I use for most of the quilts and got bored. That's why I stopped tatting but still kept designing patterns. Yarnplayer at Etsy also has some good patterns and beautiful threads. I've bought them so I can recommend the threads.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Beyond late but here's the Feb freebie

 I've had a rough few weeks but at last here's this month's embroidery. This time we're filling these section s in with lattice stitch. You can trace the lines or do your own. It's really easier to do it free hand. I used DMC floss, 2 strands 895 for the long stitches and 1 strand 3346 to hold them in place.

Print the pattern whatever size you like.

BTW, the free yearly TAST has started. Learn 2 embroidery stitches a week  Great for beginners and those who already embroider.

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I found the pansy on a 'free to use' clipart site. I made changes like adding more of the flowers, leaves, the butterfly, and the circle using a software program to edit it.

Please consider the drawing copyrighted. You have my permission to print copies of the drawing in any size for your own use but not to share or sell. If you want to share the pattern please link to the blog pages.