Wednesday, January 3, 2024

2024 Freebie Embroidery Starting and it's different


OK, here it is, the 2024 free embroidery. Over the year each month we'll fill in the design with different stitches. This is a good way to learn new stitches. You can always fill in the design with any stitches you like.

1. For January you need to copy the entire design on fabric of your choice. I used an 8" x 8" piece of white cotton fabric. 

This step in optional but I like the stability. I add a square of Pelon Shape Flex interfacing. This is my favorite to use for all my embroidery designs because it's not stiff and it's easy to embroider thru. I cut the square of it slightly smaller the the entire piece.

Most important!!  If you went ahead and traced the birdhouse do not use steam this can smear your tracing. I've used Pigma pens and had them smear slightly. Note: I never use steam to apply the interfacing and it sticks fine.

2.Using a permanent marker like a Pigma pen or a Pilot Frixon pen, trace the design.

Note that the Frixon pen will disappear when heat is applied. This is great if you made a mistake, just iron the fabric and start again.

3. To embroider the design use DMC 310 black floss. You can use 1 or 2 strands. It all depends on how thick you want the lines. I used 2 strands.

-The 2 circles are stem stitched but the short lines are back stitched.

-The flowers,stems, leaves, and butterfly wings are back stitched. Do not do the butterfly body, antennae.

- The dash lines are done with 1 strand of floss using a running stitch.

Print the pattern whatever size you like.

BTW, the free yearly TAST has started. Learn 2 embroidery stitches a week  Great for beginners and those who already embroider.

©Billie Jo Heisler 2024

All rights reserved


I found the pansy on a 'free to use' clipart site. I made changes like adding more of the flowers, leaves, the butterfly, and the circle using a software program to edit it.

Please consider the drawing copyrighted. You have my permission to print copies of the drawing in any size for your own use but not to share or sell. If you want to share the pattern please link to the blog pages.