Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hey, the Etsy store is open again!

I've been meaning to reopen the Etsy store since the beginning of the month but something always interupted me, but today I decided this was going to happen. Only a few things are listed right now. I'll add more when I can squeeze in time. I need to get up my new frog pincushion pattern. That's it below. He's sitting on a ball of crochet cotton. I love frogs and toads. It fact I have a new toad pattern drawn out. Maybe next year it will get done.

I'm also determined to start working on the directions for the next pincushion pattern. It's for a rabbit. Ever since Jack retired I'm finding it hard to get more than 1/2 hour to an hour to work on my designs. I have so much sewing for myself to do, too. As always too many projects with not much getting finished.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Halfway thru the month and here's the Sept. Stitch-a-long

Sorry for the delay. I now know I should have done the embroideries last year, that way I'd have them ready to list. Oh well, I'm just not that organized. To make it up to you I've put up a PDF of the pattern. Now instead of printing these blog pages you just need to download the PDF file and open it with a program like Adobe PDF Reader.

Here's part 1 of the Fall Market Stall. This month is applique and some weaving. The stall and bins are all sewn on by hand but go ahead and do it by machine if you prefer. There are 2 woven thread baskets. I give directions on how to do that in case you've never done that stitch.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Will be late with next stitch-a-long but there's news!

Above is a pic of my new pincushion pattern. He's Frederick the frog and he sits on an old crochet cotton ball I decorated. He's being sold at Dollmaker's Journey and Patternmart right now. I'll be putting him up at my Etsy store this week. That also means I'll finally be getting the store open again. 

The reason I'm behind in posting the directions for the next stitch-a-long is that my husband's BD was Aug 29, our anniversary was the next day, and now it's the holiday weekend. I'm stealing a little time to post this but have to get back to cooking.

BTW, I'm dividing the embroidery into 2 months. It's a project that keeps getting bigger so I decided it would be best to do that, especially at this time of year.