Friday, March 21, 2008

Back so soon?

I'm even amazing myself to be back here so soon but I wanted to let anyone who's reading that I finally updated the handmade dolls and bears section at my web store site.

Ok, I admit most of what I put up has already been sold but at least you can get an idea of what all I can make. There are snow ladies, tree top angles, jewelry, and Valentine dolls for sale. Oh, and I have 4 mini thread crochet bears on bears 1 and 2 for sale.

I removed all the fake fur bears from the site because I'm seriously thinking about opening a store at etsy. I'd like to get rid of them at really low prices but with ebays fee increase that's not the place to sell them, I'm hoping etsy will be.

Someone at one of the Halloween groups I belong to at ebay wrote that google is thinking about getting into the auction business. We can only hope! Yahoo never did enough to promote their auctions when they had it. After all the press the ebay revolt got, I bet Yahoo's wishing they hadn't shut it down last year. Ebay is killing off all the small stores and sellers and the post office with their yearly increases isn't helping either. We so need someone to go up against ebay that has the money to advertise on TV so people will know about it and use it. Sites like epier, ecrater, and others just don't have the money for TV ads.

I'm off to play with my google web site. Right now it has 1 page, so much work to do! I am worried that google might shut the sites down and then all the work would be wasted. I will be going slow building the gallery I'm putting there.

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