Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pic of New Doll Pattern In Progress

Spent last evening before it got dark taking pics of the new doll I'm working on and the tatting for the fall mini quilts pattern. This is a picture of her face and hair done though I may have to change that hair. I love the curls but the style is pretty huge! Next comes sewing her arms on and working on the sleeves and bodice. This is one time when I'm not really sure how I'm going to dress her. I've got this 2" wide red satin craft ribbon I'd like to use but I'm worried it could become a problem for anyone who can't get something similar. Guess I'll be pinning fabrics and trimms on her to see what I like best. Still need a name for her, too. One always comes to me as I'm sewing but so far "she hasn't spoken her name". ;)
Tat pics next time!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rabbit Pattern Up for Sale!

Had a bit of a problem with snapfish when ordering my photos but they finally came so now the rabbit pattern is up for sale at my web site, Etsy, Patternmart, and Artfire.

My next pattern is started and I'm slooooowly working on it. It will be a bag doll. After that I should have a fairy and frog. The fabric has been picked out but I'm still making changes to the frog's body. I like to work on 2 patterns at the same time. That way when one is waiting for photos I can be working on another.

The fall tatting pattern needs all the directions written and photos taken. I'm hoping to get to the photos later this week.

As always so many things going on at one time! I did get my store at Artfire fully filled this week. I have all my cloth dolls, patterns, and tatting supplies there. I've come across a few other sites to sell at so I may have a go at listing at them, too. I'm thinking the more places I'm at, the more
I'll show up in searches.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rabbit Pattern Finally Ready!

I finally finished all the editing and ordered the cover photos at snapfish. They should be in this week if my order didn't get messed up completely. As it is I have been charged twice for the same order. A bug in their paypal payment caused it to charge my account even though it said it hadn't so I paid with my credit card, too. Now trying to get a refund on the paypal payment is proving harder than I thought it would be. No real help over the phone either.

The store over at artfire is up and running. Now I'm looking into opening stores at and I'll probably reopen my old bonanzle store too. Without my ebay store I need to get to as many other places as I can.