Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paint Shop Pro & Art Slides

I swore I wouldn't rejoin any of the graphics groups I used to belong to but I recently rejoined the Masters Paint Shop Pro yahoo group. I spent/wasted years doing nothing but making graphics using psp and putting them on web pages to share. There were many days I did nothing but make sig tags and was online looking for graphics and tubes to use. It became insane as I started to hate making the tags and other grahics but felt I had to do it to stay in the group. That's when I finally left. That was a little over 2 years ago.

The reason I decided to go back for a short time (I really mean it!) is to help me with some altered art projects. A year and half ago I bought everything I needed to make art slides but I just can't seem to get around to making the paper art to put in them. Then there's the book that I also want to do but again I just can't seem to get my head thinking that way. That's the great thing about groups that use Paint Shop Pro to make and share graphics, they get you thinking about pictures and layers. I'm hoping this won't backfire on me but since I plan on leaving in Oct so I can get ready for holidays sales I guess I won't waste too much time.

Last week I sold one of my cloth dragons and riders at my ebay store! I really like making them with the riders. I'm finishing a two-headed one. The dragon is done but I still have a little to do on the rider.
Here's a picture of Marigold Meadowton and Mataria. Mataria's face shape is based on the dragon from the movie Eragon. Marigold has a bag with scrolls and wired gemstones.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Dreamin'

Hard to believe it's June already. I had planned on having my new pattern done by now but I got side tracked by the tatting book again. Last night I got out the doll and decided to slowly get back to work on her. Today I'm working on the head. I'm making a few so I can get pictures of various steps without having to stop so often. I really like having color pics of most of the steps but it does slow down the process.

To celebrate Summer I thought I'd post a pic of my favorite crochet mini merbear. The tail is fabric but I crocheted the bear body, headband, bracelet, the fringy skirt, and her top. The 'seaweed boa' is crocheted from a fuzzy yarn (it's draped over the rock). I even made the seashell throne she sits in!

This is the second merbear I've made. I sold the first at my ebay store. I plan on putting this one up for sale this month.