Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas tatted bracelets at Etsy

Here's a pic of the 5 tatted bracelets I just listed in my Etsy store. They are only $5 each! I know I have enough work and supplies in them that I should sell them for more but I wanted to sell them at a lower price. There are various sizes and metal colors. Click the link to go to my Esty store on the left side of the page. They are listed at the top.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Found the missing pattern....YAY!

It took a few weeks with getting ready for Thanksgiving, then holiday decorating, and then Jack (my husband) being on vacation but I did find the pattern.It was mixed in with another pattern I was working on. I checked that envelope a few times but didn't dump everything out. When I did, there it was. This is what happens when I work on too many projects at one time. It also keeps me from finishing stuff.

I listed some Christmas dolls at eBay. They're  snow ladies and Santa's elves. I have some felt cuties to list and some holiday tatted bracelets. The plan is to take pics tomorrow and get them up by Friday. That's the plan but I can never hold myself to them anymore. Take today, I was going to do the pics but got side tracked into having to do something else. This happens a lot especially when Jack is around. He always finds things to do that need my help.

Here are some pics of things at ebay and will be listed at ebay. There are more snow ladies than shown here.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

STRESSED! Can't find new pattern....... oh no!

I thought it was about time to get back to the new pincushion pattern I've been working on and off this past year. But here's the thing...... I can't find the envelope that has all the pattern pieces and the directions I wrote out by hand as I worked on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have 2 sewing rooms at 2 different houses. I'm at work so I've checked this one (no luck ) but now I have to go thru my main (meaning HUGE amount of supplies) room. I checked my computer to see when I last worked on writing the actual pattern directions in MS Publisher. That was back in July so the envelope could have gotten mixed in with so much other stuff. :(

As you can see this one is for an elephant. She's now on her pincushion base waiting for the cover picture along with her sister who's dressed slightly different and on another base.

I'm learning the hard way to keep track of things I'm working on. I did get the new larger version of the crocheted chatelaine done. The pictures have been taken and all the directions were kept with it as I work. Now comes re-writing all the directions in the original pattern and adding pics of the new one. I've also added another crocheted item to hang from the neck piece.

So if I can find the envelope I'll get working on the pattern. If not I'll just move onto the chatelaine.

BTW, I've uploaded the newest versions of most of my patterns at Etsy and Patternmart. I also reopened my store at Craftsy. They changed their rules and I was able to go back there. I only have a few things up now but you can get my free cloth basket pattern there instead of having to go to my tripod web site.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Dolls and more at Etsy and Ebay

This is just one of the Halloween decor dolls I have up at ebay. Look for a Vampire Queen, a mummy, pumpkin ladies, and more there.

Here's a cat witch, too. I like to think that she was human but an enemy turned her into a cat. She got her revenge if you take a look at the cage she holds, inside are birds. Could they be those who put a spell on her?

Over at Etsy I have some Halloween items, too. Here's a tiny faery riding on a crow. She has a sister with orange hair who's also up for sale.
 I hope you'll take the time to click the link for my Etsy store. To find my items at Ebay just search for creativestitches in the advanced search. Most of my Halloween items are on sale. Some are as much as $15.00 less! I wish I could go lower on some things but shipping costs have gotten crazy expensive.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Decorated shuttles with bags - almost all are sold!

Just a quick post letting you know there's only 4 shuttle & bag sets and 1 shuttle with no bag left at etsy. I put up 2 decorated shuttles at ebay just to see if they would sell there. Here's the pics:

Both are Aerlit shuttles. I'm finding that most of my mail order customers prefer shuttles without bobbins while my local customers prefer Aeros and then Aerlits. I'm thinking my next batch of shuttles will only be Moonlits and maybe Sunlits.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Here's more decorated shuttles and bags -

Below are pics of some of the decorated shuttles and bags I have up at Etsy and Ebay. I use either Aerlit or Moonlit shuttles. Some don't have matching bags.

This one is at ebay (creativestitches). It doesn't have a matching bag because I didn't have enough of this fabric.

This one is at Etsy. I do buy a lot of fabrics and papers with butterflies. I try not to cover every set with them. 

These moonlit shuttles have paper instead of fabric like I usually use. One has a butterfly and the other a hummingbird. The bottom one is at Etsy. The other has already sold.

This one has the same fabric on both sides. I usually use 2 matching fabrics. Look for it at Ebay.

I love pansies and have had this fabric for a while. Like the bear fabric I used for a set I wrote about in my last post, this one has been on my fabric shelf not being used because I 'was saving it'. Time to stop saving and start using. I'm leaving the "she who dies with the most fabric wins" club. This set was at Etsy but it's already sold.

Gray dots are not something you often see so when I found this fabric, as a fan of dots, I had to buy some. I'm glad I did cause it matched this butterfly print fabric I had bought the month before. This set is at Etsy.

Now I can get back to work on my patterns. It's been SO rainy & dreary. I need to take pics for various patterns I'm updating and new ones I'm working on. A few weeks ago I found the majority of my pattern pics had been ruined so I decided to take advantage of it and take new pics for some of them. Since I take my pics outside I need the weather to cooperate.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

More Decorated Shuttles and matching bags up at Etsy!

This is one of the shuttle/bag sets I've listed at my Etsy store today. This one is so cute with the sailor teddy bears. I've been saving that quilters quarter for a while but finally decided it was time to stop looking at it and use it.

This one is another fabric I had stored on my fabric shelves but this time it was because it never worked for any of my dolls. I think it looks great for the bag.

I love these fabrics so I've made others like this set but I used different color cats.

Finally for today is this set with stars.

Prices go from $16 - $17 for these. You'll find them at my Etsy store!

I still have 3 more sets and 4 shuttles that don't have matching bags to list. Keep checking back, Thanks!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Listing decorated tatting shuttles at Etsy and other news-

Here's a pic of the first of the decorated shuttles and bags I'll be listing at my Etsy store. Six will be Aerlit shuttles and 6 will be Moonlit shuttles. I'll get another 1or2 up tomorrow and the rest next week. Today is my wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday was yesterday so we're celebrating on the weekend. At least that's the plan. I think we'll be cutting grass.😏

I had a BAD surprise today when I pulled out the box that holds the pics I use for pattern covers. Most of them were stuck together!!!!! Guess when I watered the plants on the shelf above them (when????) I must have spilled water on the box. Every pic of the new mermaid is 'glued' together. That's about 30 pictures 😢 What a huge waste. I tried heat and water but nothing is working so now I have to order new ones. I think I'll take some new pictures for some of the patterns. I never was happy with the dragonfly riders pic.

I have the new legs done for the bird riders and yes they do stand! Now for a new cover pic and wouldn't you know it, the old ones where hardly damaged.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Updating patterns and other things

It seems like every time I post I'm going to get some things done something happens. This time I fell down some stairs outside and sprained my ankle really bad. Our insurance is crap so I didn't go to the hospital. I should have but since I've had a fracture before and know how it feels, I knew this wasn't one. My big problem was that I forgot I still had a brace. That would have kept me from hurting it over and over. It seemed every time I went outside I managed to step wrong and twinge it all over again. It's been over a month and it still hurts a bit but at least I feel like getting back to work.

Today I finally put the finishing varnish on the decoupaged tatting shuttles I started last Nov. So much has happened since then. This has been a really awful year for my family. Yesterday my brother called from Vermont where he and my sister-in-law were on their way to visit some friends for a nice vacation. Turns out they were caught in a terrible rain storm and were rear-ended by a large dump truck! They weren't injured but the trunk is now in the backseat.

I've also decided to work on going over all my patterns looking for mistakes, add more drawings and pics if needed, and change the PDFs. I decided to make the pictures and drawings larger in the PDFs. To keep the cost of printing the patterns down, I've always made them small. Once I get them done I'm going to try to send out emails to those who have purchased them offering to send the new version for FREE! I had 8 done and then I decided to make more changes so now I only have 2 done.

I'm making BIG changes to the crocheted chatelaine pattern. I"m making a new sample using size 3 Lizbeth threads. I also found some of the directions were not written clearly so I'm fixing that.

I also plan of fixing the legs of the birds in the bird riders patterns. The birds have been torn apart now I just need to decide how I want the.

I have a new pincushion pattern half done. The elephants are done, I just have to do the containers. I even have the directions done except for the containers.

OK, everyone send good thoughts my way so nothing slows me down again. ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tatting supplies back in stock at Etsy

I've finally got myself together and have listed tatting shuttles, bobbins, and gauges at my Etsy store.

Last month I stepped off a stair, fell, and sprained my ankle really bad. I probably should have gone to the hospital but it was a Sunday so I decided to wait till morning. Since I could stand on it, even though it was swollen, I decided to do the RICE treatment without going to the clinic.It's been a month and I'm ok, it's still a little tender. It would have gotten better sooner but I kept stepping in depressions in the yard and hurting it again. Now I'm being VERY careful and trying to catch up some. With my springer in heat that's not easy. Our male lab makes it hard.

That's pretty much it. If you need to contact me, please do it thru ebay or etsy for the quickest answers.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Re-opened the Etsy store with limited items

A quick Happy Mothers Day's. I went to my Mom's grave (gee I hate even writing that) yesterday. I put a pretty silk arrangement of peonies (one of her favs) on one corner on the headstone. I already had one of white and pink mixed flowers on the other corner. My brother put a wreath of yellow flowers in the middle so she should be very happy since she loved flowers.

Ok, now about the Etsy store. I relisted most of my digital patterns. I think I still have a few more to add so if you want one but don't see it, convo me thru Etsy and I'll get it up. I'm still holding off on adding printed pattterns, tatting supplies, and other things that have to be mailed. I need to sort what I have and my shipping supplies. I'm also finishing up some decopauged tatting shuttles I started back in Dec. before I put everything aside. One side is done but I still have to do the other sides. The matching totes are also done. I'm still feeling blue but I'm hoping getting back to the store and crafting will help me fight the depression.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Why the store at Etsy is closed for a while

This picture is of my Mom and Dad taken at their wedding vow renewal. I love it because they are so happy. My Dad passed away a few years after it.

You may wonder just what has this to do with my business being shut down for now? It's because my Mom passed away mid-April. She had been sick since Dec. which is why the store was closed all that time. Now there is still so much to do and I'm trying to deal with all the emotions coming with losing her. She lived with my brother and his wife. Both of them are also having health problems. They are just so run down from taking care of Mom these passed months.I helped be going over and spending the day so they could shop and do other things. We still have to sort all her things yet so that will be a very hard day.

She was the best Mom I could have ever hoped to get. I was adopted so I have to thank my birth mother for picking such great parents for me. They both aways supported me no matter what I did. I know having a kid who had panic attacks from the time she was a toddler had to be hard especially since there wasn't the understanding of this as there is now.

There is a very large empty space in my life so I'm taking the time I need. Sorry for any problems this causes. You can still buy downloads of my patterns at Patternmart.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Etsy store closed for a month or 2

So much has been going on and I just haven't had time to blog since I'm mostly at a place that doesn't have internet. I'm lucky if I get someplace to check my emails.

Until I get internet again I can't have the Etsy store open. If you want a PDF pattern you can find them at my Patternmart page. Dollmaker's Journey also has some of my patterns.

You can still send convos to me at Etsy. They come to my email addy so it make take a week or 2 but I'll get to them.

Sorry for any problems this causes you.