Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PDF version of Spring tatting pattern up for sale!

Look for A Season of Mini Quilts - Spring tatting pattern at my Etsy store and Patternmart for $12.00. It's $2 more than my other tatting patterns because the directions for the finished projects are much more involoved. I've also included a how-to-print page since I've had a few customers ask about this.

I'll list the printed version next week when I get the photos from Snapfish.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost forgot... a new shuttle and more at Etsy store

I just put this shuttle and lanyard set up at Etsy yesterday. It's been a while since I listed a decorated shuttle. This one has stickers that look like tatting! I plan on making more like this but with different colors of backgrounds. I just bought a dozen new blank shuttles so I'll be working on decorating them.

This is a photo of new tatting gauges and lanyards I also listed at Etsy. I also have new ones with wriststraps, too. Monday I listed new tatting shuttles. I've been out for  a while so if you need Aero, Aerlit, or Monnlit shuttles have a look at my Etsy store. Best thing about ordering from me is that I keep the shipping cost as low as I can.

New Tatting Pattern Coming Soon!

This is the cover of mt next tatting pattern. This is the spring pattern in the seasons series. You get 5 tatting patterns as usual plus the directions for the card, basket, book cover, and the clutch. The tote is one I purchased to sew the tatting to.

Once I'm finished editing and ordering photos for the printed versions I'll get them up at my Etsy and Patternmart stores.

SALE on 2 Cloth Doll Patterns!

I've decided that I need to update these 2 patterns so I've put them on sale until I either run out of cover photos or until the new versions are done. You can get the printed versions at my Etsy and Patternmart stores. Since Patternspot doesn't offer printed versions I decided it would be the only place to get them as a PDF.

I'm planning quite a few changes. One will be that there will be only one doll and one shell or seahorse. Faces will be slightly different as will clothing (tail) and hair.

The price will now be $4.00 instead of $7.00.

Nor sure when the new ones will be ready so take advantage of the sale price now!