Saturday, May 18, 2024

I know this should be the next free embroidery but......

I came across this in an email from Ann Wood, who by the way has some fantastic bird patterns and good emails. I'm bookmarking it so I can make one if I ever find the time. ha,ha,ha,ha.... finding that will happen any time soon 😄

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

About the next free embroidery and SALE at etsy

 Yet another month of craziness. This time it was the kitchen facet. It had been dripping for a while but the DH just didn't want to deal with it until I finally whined enough and he started working on it at the end of April. As usual it became a mess. It's not that he can't fix things, it's that Moen said they'd send out free replacement cartridges, and that took a week. Since the DH had the sink tore apart that meant no water in the kitchen :( but luckily I have a garden sink off the porch. So off I went carting dishes over the porch, down the steps, and over to the sink to wash, and then back inside. Food prep meant taking veg outside to wash. For meat and eggs I wore gloves that got washed the next trip to the sink. 

After a week the cartridges came and after a few hours the hot and cold were installed. Guess what? It now leaked at the base of the facet so they said they'd ship out a replacement for it. Another week of washing outside and we were getting tired of it. The DH was ready to go buy a new non-Moen facet. 

When the next cartridge came we couldn't get the old one out to put the new one in and the various people we talked to on the cell had no suggestions other than paying $25 for shipping and they'd airship a new facet. When it didn't arrive in 3 days we found that ups had no paperwork for it and Moen insisted they sent it. Moen sent out another and it came yesterday. Who knows where the lost one is.

On Sunday another calamity hit. The cold water handle on the outdoor sink popped and we couldn't turn it off. The DH attached the garden hose with a sprayer to it since it was late and the hardware store was closed. That night I did dishes in a basin in a bathtub and of course I had a lot of dishes.

Monday the DH fixed the garden sink pretty easily but of course taking the old kitchen facet completely out didn't go easy but at least it's in.

With all this I just haven't been spending much time online. The next embroidery is down but I need to take a pic of it. I'm thinking I'll do a few sections to end this one soon.

BTW, May is my birthday month so I put everything in the etsy shop on sale for 20% off.