Friday, December 5, 2008

Flu hits and no dolls being finished!

I have been hit with the flu and just can't seem to get enough energy to finish any of the holiday dolls I started. Today is the first I've felt well enough to really do more than check email.

I have 3 really pretty angels that just need their faces done and wings glued on. I also have more of the Christmas elves I made last year sewn and ready to be stuffed but instead of working on them I've been laying around reading.

Lucky for me that last Sat. before I got sick I went to my local library and got some dvds and books. This week I finished Ernie by Ernest Borgnine and American Prince by Tony Curtis. Interesting reads. I found I liked Borgnine more after reading his book and Curtis less after reading his. I found it nice to know that Borgnine did like doing McHale's Navy. My Mom always said there was a rumor he only did it for the money and felt he was really too good to be doing it. It's also great to know that the old guy (91 !) is still pretty healthy and working. I always enjoyed Tony's work, even some of the really bad movies, but after reading about how much he cheated on his wives and how he still seems to feel there was nothing wrong with it, I have to admit I'm not as big of a fan as I once was. This is a guy who enjoyed women so much he really should have been like his buddy Hef and stayed single until he got much older. Last night I started Cheech & Chong by Tommy Chong. He's a very good writer and I was surprised to find that he was a muscian in bands in Canada in the late 1950's. I'm really enjoying the book but after I finish this one I've got to get back to sewing!