Monday, May 2, 2011

New doll pattern and tatting shuttles

Finally finished my new doll pattern and have the cover photos. It will be listed later this week at etsy and artfire. I started Lisette the same time as my witch pattern, Lena. Originally I had planned on a pattern with both dolls but that changed as Lena took on her own life and became a witch with a frog.

I posted some news on my web sites about the Aero shuttle and thought I should add it here, too. I have had some complaints about the shuttles and have noticed just how soft the plastic is they are using for the shuttles and bobbins. I found the newest ones are being made in Mexico. My wholesaler suggested I try a shuttle very similar to the Aero called the Pony shuttle. I bought 2 so I can try them before I offer them for sale. If I like them I'll order more to sell at etsy and artfire. I also got in some Sew Mate shuttles. They are a larger version of Clover shutlles. They seem really nice so if you prefer a shuttle with a pick on the end you may want to try these. They will be listed by the end of the first week in May.

Still need to get my computer in for a few more fixes so if you contact me and don't hear back by the next day you'll know it's in the shop.