Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 new Halloween pumpkin dolls at Ebay

Got these 2 dolls up a few days ago. The goth looking pumpkin girl is Phoebe. I don't do many dolls with legs but thought it would be a nice change. She has a pet spider,Timmy. I tatted black trim and a long motif to use on her clothing.
 Below is Yvette. She's a half doll built on a dowel and wood base. She's my favorite for this Halloween season so far. I love the tiny pom-pom trim I found for the edging on the polka dot fabric. I also bought some orange I'm using on another slightly larger pumpkin lady that's partly done. As usual I have a lot of things I'm working on.

Here's a photo of the base. I'm really pleased with it. I've had crackle medium for years and seldom used it but now that crackle nail polish is so popular I thought I'd try it again.

As I list and re-list dolls I'm adding buy it now to many of my ebay listings so customers won't have to wait long or miss getting a doll for Halloween.
I'm finishing up 2 small dolls. One is a frog and the other a cat. These aren't my designs. I saw the patterns at etsy and had to get them. I'll post pics and a link to the pattern designer's store when they are finished. I'm also part way done with a large mummy. I wanted a tea stained one this year and I'm using an old pattern I bought back when I used to sell things at a local shop called The Keeping Room. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Green Witch at Ebay!

Finally finished this green witch and got her up today at ebay. Her name is Violetta. I had to give her a pretty name when she looked so pretty. I think the purple hair looks great and that's how she got her name. I've made green witches before and have used black yarn and orange yarn for hair.

Sold the Halloween mermaid witch today and have had a request for more. I never make duplicates unless the buyer requests it so I'm not sure how I'll dress/decorate the next one.

I'm working on a new pumpkin head lady and I'm crazy mad for her. I wasn't sure how I wanted to dress her but last night while I was watching the BBC series 'Being Human' it just sort of came together.

Almost done with a goth white pumpkin girl. She was supposed to be a ghost but I didn't like the nose I drew so she became a pumpkin. I even made her a big spider for a pet! All she needs finished is her shoes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Halloween Dolls at Ebay!

These are the four Halloween items I listed today at ebay.

I've made a sold a few stacks of Jacks in previous years and hope customers will like this one, too.

This is the first rolie polie pumpkin head I've made. I was stuffing the large head for the stack and when I sat it down it wobbled and reminded me of rolie polies so I thought I'd make one.

Here are 2 cats. I love to make cats especially the bat winged one. This is the second in my Sadie cat series and the third cat I've made like this. The first was a ghost cat!

Lu-Lu is a half cat built on a wood dowel and base. After adding the netting to her head she reminded me of a Halloween bride or bridesmade. She'd make a great shower decoration!

No pics of the green witch I made today, it's way too rainy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A 2nd post today! Pics of workroom

DL all the pics I had taken of the newest dolls I finished and found I had taken some of my workroom so I thought I'd post them. The pic above is one of my baskets I carry supplies in so I can sew while watching TV or while outside. The doll is the green witch I wrote about in my last post. I LOVE her purple hair! She's going to be a hard one for me to sell because I already love her so much. I get very attached to many of my dolls and almost don't mind if they don't sell right away so I can enjoy them longer.

This pic above is of my work table. It's a great old wood table with an enamel top. A neighbor who passed away a few years ago gave it to me. I have it covered with a vintage tablecloth that belonged to my Mom. The doll on the dowel to the right of the photo is for a large mummy! Her face is hand embroidered and then tea stained. I have everything I need to make her but time ;)

These 2 dolls are in another basket waiting to be finished. This shows how crazy I work. I will cut a lot out, then sew, next I'll stuff them all, and finally they go in baskets to be gathered up when I'm ready to finish them. I have 6 baskets plus a few items just in a pile on the table to finish. I always start too late to make all the things I want to for Halloween but I just can't get myself sewing fall items in the summer heat.

Don't forget to watch ebay for my listings!

Halloween Mermaid and a Ghost Bride at ebay!

For the first time I've made a Halloween witch mermaid. She's meant to hang on a wall or door and would be a great Halloween dec for anyone living near the shore. Look for her at ebay.

This ghost bride was originally made for a customer who wanted a red haired ghost. She said she loved it but then after emailing her a few times I gave up on getting paid so I'm now offering her at ebay. She's #3 in my ghost bride series. To go with the spider web print I used for the bodice and sleeves, there's a tiny spider in her hair.

I finished 4 more Halloween things and took pics today. Now I have to DL and resize them, oh and get them up on ebay. Tonight I plan on finishing a green witch half doll!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moda Halloween Cat!

I finally finished this cat I designed using all the latest Halloween fabrics by Moda except for the felt I used for the hat. I call her Trixie Belle. All of the clothing is removeable so it can be washed or even changed. Of course new clothing would have to match the dotted print I used for the soles and inner ears. I like the dots but if you make her you may want to use the same black or another solid basic color. I'll be offering the pattern soon!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Halloween Items at Etsy & Ebay

I'm still listing Halloween items at etsy and ebay. Look for tatted skelies at both places.

As usual I have many dolls started and in various stages of being worked on. I hope to have a few finished so I can list them this week. Look for Halloween themed mermaids!