Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's going on around here!

No pictures since I'm not finishing anything, I just keep starting new projects. Well I did finish a few things. I knitted myself new mittens and a neck scarf. I found the directions in the Jan. Living magazine. I'm also making crocheted squares for an big afghan. When I get tired of the big stuff I've been making tiny hearts to include in packages when I sell something. It's a change from the snowflakes I enclosed in Dec and Jan.

I just finished dragon parts for a friend. Go to thecopperdragon to see my friend Andrea's great stuff. She has me sew and stuff the dragons, then she puts them together and adds the finishing touches.

Now that's done I'll be getting back to the tatting patterns and dolls. This afternoon I worked out a pattern for a new fairy. I still haven't drawn out the rabbit I designed. So much to do and so much time wasted playing games over at msn.