Thursday, March 23, 2017

Having trouble with my printer

It seems this is the year for me to keep having trouble with computer stuff. Now it's my old Canon Pixma printer. I got it the same time as the computer I use. It runs Win XP so you know it's all pretty old (esp. when talking electronics ).

What I love so much about the old thing is that the inks are all separate and the thing that holds them is removable. It's not too hard to clean, I've done it. Also it did work really great and after reading comments about other printers I feel lucky I got a good one.

But now I'm getting an error message saying the ink waste pad is almost full. I checked the Canon site and they don't service my printer any more. Next I googled the problem and got too many conflicting ways to clean the pads. It was the same thing with the ink holder. One guy uses a garden hose while other people say to avoid getting water anywhere but the very bottom.

So you say why not just get a new one? I just bought ink so now I have 5 black, and one each of the other 5 colors. From what I can find at Canon the new printers don't use this size anymore so I'd have to try to sell them on ebay where I just bought them.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you want a printed pattern you may have to wait until I either fix my pixma or get a new one. I'll update about this later.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Put some tatting supplies up at ebay

I just got interent service back after being without for over 24 hours. Thanks a lot verizon :-p It's been happening a lot lately but not for this long. They even sent me a new modem for free. Mine was from 2007, so yeah it was time. Nice to have a modem with wifi instead of 2 separate pieces. Just hope that whatever was causing all the problems like getting knocked off the internet has been fixed.

I know I seldom put tatting things up at ebay unless they are jewelry but I decided to list 3 shuttle/bag sets and 2 chatelaines with gauges. Here are some pictures.

The 2 at the bottom have Eiffel tower printed fabric, so cute! Hope you'll head over to ebay and look for these items being sold by me, user name creativestitches. Thanks!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Need some Luck of the Irish? Try my new dolls!

I just listed 2 new dolls at ebay (creativestitches) The boy leprechan is Brendan and his is sister is Brenna. They are $45 each plus shipping. Cute decorations for St. Patricks Day.

 If you're looking for tatting gauges I justed a lot of new ones at etsy. Here's some pictures.