Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm not a big user of Facebook but....

Like I said I don't often go to my facebook pages but today I thought I'd put up some new doll and craft photos in an album. Forgot how slow that can be. Oh, and I seldom check for messages. Sorry to any who have ever tried to contact me that way. It's best to convo me thru Etsy if you need to get in touch.

I made the graphic above using Paint Shop Pro9 and a tutorial written by the leader at . Makes me wish for spring soon :).

Finally finished a set of leprechauns that were supposed to be done last week so I could put them up for sale on ebay. Since I'm so late I'll just be packing them up to save for next year and move onto making rabbits. I have 2 that need baskets, 2 lady rabbit half dolls that need embellished, and 1 large rabbit that needs dressed. These are left from last year that didn't get finished. Hope to get moving on those in between working on taxes.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Christmas Fairies Cloth Doll Pattern up for sale

Please meet Candy Cane & Pepper Mint, the Winter Christmas Fairies. They are 18” long and about 8” when sitting.

The PDF and printed versions are up for sale at me Etsy and Patternmart Stores. The links are to the right.

Here's a little about the dolls:
Pepper’s wings are meant to be printed on transparency plastic. Full directions on how to make the wings is included. I also suggest using scrapbook paper instead. The transparencies are fun to use for wings. You can have a lot of fun embellishing them.

Candy’s wings are purchased butterfly wings. I tell where I bought them and give suggestions for substitutes if the doll maker can’t find them.

Both dolls have painted faces and sculpted noses. The curls are made from yarn and knitting needles. Full directions are included on how to make the yarn curls.

Pepper has a felt hat that can be worn or held. Candy has a mini top hat made from paper and glitter. Patterns and directions are included. With mini top hats being so popular right now you may be able to find one for sale in craft stores, and at Etsy. Also check Christmas ornaments. I saw some for sale at Walmart, Christmas 2013.

The ornaments they hold were purchased and I have the places I bought them listed in the directions.

The dolls have different hair styles, hats, sleeves, bodices, boot cuffs, and Pepper has mittens and knee pads. Candy’s mittens and boots are red  fabric with fur cuffs while Pepper’s boots are painted with felt cuffs.  Pepper’s hands have stitched fingers and the arms are wired. Her braids are wrapped with wire.

Hope you'll want to make your own fairies!