Sunday, September 16, 2007

Info on New Pattern!

I'm finally about half way done with the new pattern, even the directions! Some changes have happened along the way and I'm sure there will be more but I thought I'd at least post pictures of the face and some more info about it.

First there will be 2 versions of the doll. Most of my patterns do have 2 versions because I can never decide which I like best and rather than release them as 2 separate patterns I just combine them. One will have legs and the other will not. That one is called a gift bag doll. Her skirt is made full and tied closed at the bottom so you can put a gift inside. Of course it can just have a bit of crumpled tissue in it for display.
The pattern will come with a face I've printed on my computer and sealed with matte acrylic spray. All you will have to do is paint or color in the face! So easy!!! Here are pictures of the face painted the same except for the eye color. I haven't added the eyelashes yet on the first picture so you can see that all the black is the printed face, nothing more was drawn. I painted the eyes and mouth. The next one has the finished faces with the spray I use to seal them.

This week I'll decide on the hair. I'm gone thru 3 different yarns and even feathers but I think I'm going to use my always favorite, the baked yarn curls. They look so pretty and are easy to make.

I'm also planning on working on the clothing. I've changed this a few times, too. At first I had 2 completely different styles for the 2 dolls but then I realized that what I really had were 2 completely different patterns so now I'm working on combining what I like best of both into 2 slightly different styles. I'm using a lot of tulle.

Hope you'll come back in a few weeks to read more!