Saturday, April 28, 2018

Why the store at Etsy is closed for a while

This picture is of my Mom and Dad taken at their wedding vow renewal. I love it because they are so happy. My Dad passed away a few years after it.

You may wonder just what has this to do with my business being shut down for now? It's because my Mom passed away mid-April. She had been sick since Dec. which is why the store was closed all that time. Now there is still so much to do and I'm trying to deal with all the emotions coming with losing her. She lived with my brother and his wife. Both of them are also having health problems. They are just so run down from taking care of Mom these passed months.I helped be going over and spending the day so they could shop and do other things. We still have to sort all her things yet so that will be a very hard day.

She was the best Mom I could have ever hoped to get. I was adopted so I have to thank my birth mother for picking such great parents for me. They both aways supported me no matter what I did. I know having a kid who had panic attacks from the time she was a toddler had to be hard especially since there wasn't the understanding of this as there is now.

There is a very large empty space in my life so I'm taking the time I need. Sorry for any problems this causes. You can still buy downloads of my patterns at Patternmart.