Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Belated Happy New Year!

Late this year with posting, same as always! ;)I've been really busy trying to finish the last piece of tatting for my winter tatting quilts patterns. This is the second in the tatting seasonal quilts. After I finish the tatting I'll decide what to put everything on and begin the directions. Watch my blog and facebook pages for updates.

I'm making some big changes to my web site and patterns this year. I just PDF'd every pattern, including the tatting ones! I'll be listing them at patternmart, etsy, and zibbet later this month. I know when I buy patterns I tend to look to PDFs so I thought I'd do all my patterns that way too. I'm also thinking about offering USA customers the cover photos and zip bags. The big change at my web site will be that I'll no longer take orders there. Instead I'll have links to the various sites where you can buy my things. Sorry but I just keep missing emails from customers, who then get mad. I feel this is the best solution since I don't want to deal with putting up a paypal shopping cart. Seems a waste when you can buy my things so much easier at these other sites.

This is a pic of a witch I made at Christmas but didn't get the small pinecones I wanted for the basket. Guess I'll pack her away until I do. I call her a woodland witch.

This is a candy cane fairy also in progress. I ordered the white pom-pom from an etsy shop and she didn't get around to mailing them for 2 weeks. I've ordered from her before and didn't have that problem. It kept me from finishing her for Christmas sales so I'm packing her away, too.  I'm cutting out a few Valentine fairies and maybe a mermaid. BTW, if there was a doll you saw at Christmas you wanted but put off buying it, you can contact me thru etsy or ebay and I'll relist it for you. I've been posting pics of dolls from Christmas and Halloween on my facebook pages. I'm still adding Halloween pics.

Hope we all have a much better new year!