Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dreaming of More Time as Always!

Don't we all need more time? I could get so much more done if I had either more time or less to do. Add to my regular huge list taking care of a garden. Have a tiny bunny I just can't seem to keep out. It's eating my pea plants!

I'm still working on new patterns and I'm taking a new class on Paint Shop Pro. I'm learning to write tutorials. Like I really need to do this, but I thought it's similar to writing directions when designing my dolls and stuff so it would be eay to do. WRONG! I forgot about all the screen captures for the graphics and then there's the problem of deciding just what to design. Lots of work but I am enjoying it. Love to learn new things don't you?

Update on the Fall Tatting Pattern. Still finishing the charts for the directions. With the class it's made me slower than usual (which is slooooow). Have started on pieces for a winter pattern. I tat when I get tired of sewing or is it I sew when I get tired of tatting?

The new doll has been pushed back as as uusal I can't make up my mind about trims and things. She's so close to being done. I also started a new mermaid pattern. This one is much larger that any of my other ones. I got so tired of just staring at the first doll that I cut out and sewed the mermaid. I've got a lot to do on her, too.

Hope you all have a great summer!