Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tatted Quilt Squares Published by Handy Hands available now!

This is the cover of Handy Hands version of my Tatting Old Fashioned Mini Quilts Pattern. Granted you don't get the extra directions I had in the original and Barb had me redo the charts by rows since she feels it's easier for needle tatters to follow them that way but the thin book is gorgeous. The glossy pages and large full color charts make it easy to start wherever you want. Below is the back of the book.

One suggestion is to add a border around the 4patch piece. It looks unfinished now that I see it printed. When I made the original I used just black and white threads; sewed it to the checked fabric; then to yellow, black and white bee print fabric: and finally to white felt to make a small trading card. Being sewn to fabric I didn't think it needed a border. Here's a photo so you can see what I did.

Here's a photo of the original pattern in case you never saw it. I have to admit the new samples made with Lizbeth thread are much more eyecatching. The new Lizbeth version of Trip Around the World is soooo much better. With this photo you can get ideas of what to do with the finished pieces. Small pieces were made into jewelry and a tag. The teal spinning spools is glued to a card blank while the single square in square is glued to a paper bag.

Look for the Fall and Winter tatting Patterns at my etsy store and at patternmart. Due to a severe shoulder injury I haven't finished the spring pattern. I only had 1 pattern to finish. The directions were done except for that pattern but now I'n in too much pain to tat for very long. Hopefully my doctor will have me back to tatting soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preview of Spring Tatting Pattern

Thought I'd give you a peek at one of the 5 patterns that will be in my next tatting mini quilts pattern. This one is for spring! I have the directions for 3 of the 5 done but I'm still finishing pattern #5. I did have 5 done but changed my mind about one pattern. I think those who have been buying my patterns will really like this one.

Also news about the original tatting mini quilts pattern. Handy Hands has finally published it! It should be ready for sale at the end of the month.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tatting Book is being printed... finally!

These are some small origami bags I made last month. I took them to Tapas in Sewickley, PA to sell. I did have a few at etsy but they sold quickly.

I'm not listing much at the moment online to sell. I can't find the time and energy to make much since my husband was diagosed with cancer. Since he's home all the time I'm doing things with him instead of "creating" things to sell. When I do get time to myself I either tat, read, or I'm here on the computer.

Barb at Handy Hands is finishing up the editing on my tatting book so it will be printed soon. It will be different from the original tatting pattern as it will not have the pages on adding the finished items to things. It will also be written more for needle tatters than shuttle tatters. Shuttle tatters will still be able to follow the directions but they may find they want to chart the design differently to avoid cutting the thread so much. Needle tatters have an easier time of hiding thread ends that shuttle users. Here's what the cover should look like unless we make some more changes.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just wanted to let you know what's been going on...

Just wanted to post a bit about what's been going on. I've been going with my husband when he gets his chemo treatments. It takes 3 - 4 hours so I tat, embroider, or read while waiting. I dug out a crazy quilt piece I started ages ago and have been working on it. I'll take pics when it's finished.

The pic below is of a starlit shuttle I decopaged with a matching mini tote. It sold a few days ago but I wanted to show some pics of what I've been doing when I find the time and energy.

I also put some other shuttles and gauges up at my etsy store. Right now I'm doing 6 more shuttles, some with matching bags, and I'm sewing some vender aprons. My brain isn't working for designing much new so I'm not sure when I'll get another doll pattern designed. The next tatting pattern in the season series is still on hold. It's hard to find time to write the directions. With Jack home I don't get much time to myself. It would be easier if the desktop were in my sewing room.

Will try to find more time for blogging when I list new things at etsy.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

When it rains, it does more than pour around here....

Normaly I don't post personal news here anymore but the past 2 weeks have been so awful I thought I'd write about it in case anyone has tried to get in touch.

Last week my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery this week at a major hospital in Pittsburgh but is having some trouble recuperating. My agoraphobia has kept me home but we are talking on the phone a few times a day. We're also really lucky he has some fantastic friends who have taken my place with visiting. I know it's not the same but it helps so much. I'm feeling so worthless and I'm having trouble coping with anxiety and IBS.

To add to all this our sweet spaniel, Cory, has been sick with a quick growing tumor and had to be put down on Wed. We could have waited for him to go on his own but seeing him loose control of his bladder and bowels, not eat or drink, and to hardly walk made me decide it's time.

So if you've been trying to get in touch about the business I'm sorry if you haven't heard from me but as you have read everything is really bad in my life right now. Please pray for my husband...

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Decorated Shuttles at Etsy

This is one of 3 new shuttles I decorated up at Etsy. The other 2 sold before I could blog about them. I bought some more of the starlit clear shuttles to make more but I have to find another sealing glaze. The one I'm using now doesn't always go on smooth. It's so disappointing to find bubbles that leave bumps in the finish. That's the reason I keep the price low on them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Shuttles and Tatting Gauges up at Etsy

This is a photo of my newest tatting gauges. They come with the kilt style chatelaine pin. Find it at my Etsy store. I also have more of the gauges with out the pin listed there, too.

I also have 3 colors of the new Moonlit Tatting shuttles by Handy Hands and a new color of Aerlit shuttles. Also new clear bobbins for Aerlit shuttles.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm not a big user of Facebook but....

Like I said I don't often go to my facebook pages but today I thought I'd put up some new doll and craft photos in an album. Forgot how slow that can be. Oh, and I seldom check for messages. Sorry to any who have ever tried to contact me that way. It's best to convo me thru Etsy if you need to get in touch.

I made the graphic above using Paint Shop Pro9 and a tutorial written by the leader at . Makes me wish for spring soon :).

Finally finished a set of leprechauns that were supposed to be done last week so I could put them up for sale on ebay. Since I'm so late I'll just be packing them up to save for next year and move onto making rabbits. I have 2 that need baskets, 2 lady rabbit half dolls that need embellished, and 1 large rabbit that needs dressed. These are left from last year that didn't get finished. Hope to get moving on those in between working on taxes.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Christmas Fairies Cloth Doll Pattern up for sale

Please meet Candy Cane & Pepper Mint, the Winter Christmas Fairies. They are 18” long and about 8” when sitting.

The PDF and printed versions are up for sale at me Etsy and Patternmart Stores. The links are to the right.

Here's a little about the dolls:
Pepper’s wings are meant to be printed on transparency plastic. Full directions on how to make the wings is included. I also suggest using scrapbook paper instead. The transparencies are fun to use for wings. You can have a lot of fun embellishing them.

Candy’s wings are purchased butterfly wings. I tell where I bought them and give suggestions for substitutes if the doll maker can’t find them.

Both dolls have painted faces and sculpted noses. The curls are made from yarn and knitting needles. Full directions are included on how to make the yarn curls.

Pepper has a felt hat that can be worn or held. Candy has a mini top hat made from paper and glitter. Patterns and directions are included. With mini top hats being so popular right now you may be able to find one for sale in craft stores, and at Etsy. Also check Christmas ornaments. I saw some for sale at Walmart, Christmas 2013.

The ornaments they hold were purchased and I have the places I bought them listed in the directions.

The dolls have different hair styles, hats, sleeves, bodices, boot cuffs, and Pepper has mittens and knee pads. Candy’s mittens and boots are red  fabric with fur cuffs while Pepper’s boots are painted with felt cuffs.  Pepper’s hands have stitched fingers and the arms are wired. Her braids are wrapped with wire.

Hope you'll want to make your own fairies!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Finishing up the Winter Fairy Pattern

Here's what my sewing room looks like when I'm working on too many projects at once :) This photo was taken at Christmas but I never posted it. As you can see there's one of the winter fairies, some snowladies, tatting shuttles I was covering, and a dragon in parts, along with tons of supplies. I'm always thinking I should sell some of my excess crafting supplies but every time I set things aside, I find a use for it. My shelves that hold books, fabric, and other craft items are full to the point of where I lose track of what I have. Guess I need to put some of the organizing tips I write for Creative Times online magazine to use.

An update on the winter fairy pattern: I ordered cover photos and I'm waiting to get them. Hopefully they came out ok. I still have to finish editing the patterns now that the directions are done. Planning on having everything done by the end of the month, fingers crossed ;)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Cloth Doll Pattern Coming Soon!

This is my newest pattern for Christmas/winter fairies. As soon as I finish the directions it will be up for sale. I bought a new wand scanner in December so it's making it easier to scan in my drawn patterns. My old scanner was so old it wouldn't even work with my xp computer. Bought back when I got my first computer, a win3.1 :) I had to scan everything into an old computer running win98, burn them to disks and then open them in the xp computer.

One thing that's really different with this pattern is the wing that's printed on a transparency. The doll that's sitting has them. The other doll has purchased wings. Look for it by the end of the month!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm finally back and have new items at Etsy and Ebay

I have been meaning to write since Nov. but something always gets in the way. Here's a pic of a new elf doll I put up for sale at ebay.

Her name is Aimee and she's a Valentine elf. The heart shaped bag hold small paper valentines I printed. They're copies of vintage ones I found at Pinterest.

Next I have some red tatted bracelets at Etsy. Here's a 26" long wrap bracelet. I have more there in red and other colors. Soon I'll be listing some ecru ones with copper colored beads and hardware/

These are my newest tatting gauges. They're a little different from previous ones. I now have some colored rings and hooks. I've also stopped putting labels on the plastic since sometimes they don't stick. You'll find them at my Etsy store.

This is one of my newest projects. I started decoupaging shuttles last Sept. After making some for myself I then started making them to sell. I've held off selling them till now because I wanted to make sure the shuttles I've been using stayed nice. I was worried that the glaze I'm using might crack or loosen. I still think anything decoupaged should be treated with care. Don't get them wet and realized that the glaze could crack with use just like anything else that's be decoupaged. Right now I have 3 up for sale at Etsy. They are all Handy Hands Starlit shuttles. I'm have 3 more I'm working on right now and then I plan on doing some Aero or Aerlit shuttles.