Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got old google site to work!

I had trouble with my old photo site when google switched from pages to sites. It was stuck in editing. It was suggested that I use foxfire instead of IE but I wasn't sure I wanted 2 browsers. When my computer ended up in the shop last month and a new hard drive was installed, the techs put both IE and foxfire on it. Today I finally remembered about the old photo site that had been stuck in editing since 2008 or 9. I couldn't believe it but it now works! The only pro0blem is I no longer like the site. I really don't like how it's set up. I tried a few different themes and layouts but I just don't like it. I'll do some more work with it since I have so many photos there. I hate to move them. I only have a few pages done at the webs site. I love being able to have my own headers but it takes so much longer to write the code than using the simple sites. Not sure what I'll be doing but I do know I need to get photos of my work up on the net and I'm too picky to just use flickr or photobucket ;)

Here's the link to the old photo site in case you want to see it:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Problems with health and computer

Wow it's been a bad year so far. I hurt my shoulder in Dec. and it's still bad. Then my left ear started to plug up mid-Jan. I went to a nurse about it all and the meds she put me on made me sicker. I don't tolerate medicine. Now I have another cold. Jack brought one home from work and kindly :) shared it. Between not feeling well and the bad weather I haven't been going out much.

In Jan. my computer stopped working. I got out the old one that runs win98 and will only work with dial-up so I'd at least have something to check mail with. I forgot just how slow dial-up is! Guess having to use IE6 doesn't help either. My husband took the xp computer to best buy's geek squad. One week and $200 later they said it could be the mother board, the hard drive, or a corrupt xp file and since it's old (5 years) we should just get a new one. We were both so mad. I called Dell seeing how much a motherboard is and they changed the subject to buying a new one. My husband was ready but I said no. I found an ad in the local paper for 1hourpcfix. At first we were worried about taking it there but since they had a free if they can't fix it and 39.99 if they can. Turns out it needed a new hard drive the old one had failed. They loaded msoffice 2007 and psp10, too. we had office200 and psp9. Still getting programs installed and trying to catch up on everything online. Only 105.98 for that! Love these guys, hope they stay in business.

Hoping for better days!