Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another New Pattern! Primrose and Flip

I can't believe I finished another pattern! The pattern for Primrose Meadowsweet and her frog Flip is already up at my Etsy store and at Pattermart (see the link to the right).

This cute little fairy is only 5" tall in a sitting position and her frog pal is a bit over 3". The patterns for the waterlily and pad they sit on are also included.

I'm working on my next pattern for winter Fairies and hope to have it done soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ok, It's up for Sale! The Winter Tatting Pattern is Listed

It's ready for buying at my etsy store, see the link to the right, and at Patternmart, link below. At Patternmart you can only buy the printed version. The PDF is too large for uploading at that site. You can get the PDF at Etsy. When you pay for it you will get a link from Etsy for the download. No more waiting for me to get your order and fill it!

Here is the link to Patternmart:
A Season of Tatted Mini Quilts Pattern - Winter

This is the third in my series of tatted mini quilts patterns. Here you will find directions to ...
Price: $10.00
Click for 


Look for my next doll pattern soon. The cover photos have been ordered, I just have to finish the directions!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winter Tatted Quilts Pattern almost done!!!

Fingers crossed, I'm almost done with the newest on my Seasonal Tatted Quilts patterns. The cover photo has been taken and is now being printed for those of you who prefer a printed version rather than a PDF. I'm going over the directions for a final edit and plan on having it up for sale no later than next week.

The next in the series is Spring. All of the tatting is done and now I'm doing the crafting part. When that's done I'll move onto photos and directions.

For those who buy my doll patterns, I've been working on a new fairy pattern. I work on her when I get tired of tatting.

Watch this blog for news of when the Winter tatting pattern will be up for sale at my etsy store and at Patternmart!

The photo above shows what the new winter patterns look like but isn't the cover photo.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Bit About A Tatting Class at Craftsy

Last week I finally got around to trying out the tatting class offered at craftsy, the link is at the right. It's taught by Marilee Rockley. I've been a fan of her site and hand dyed threads and have had a link to her site in my favorites since I started this blog. It's a long class and you have to be able to watch video to take it. I'm on high speed dsl but had trouble until I changed the viewing settings and changed HD to HD with a line thru it. That really helped the most. It still hung up a little but not enough to be really annoying. There's a lot in the classes and I feel it would help any beginner who's having trouble learning on there own. I've mentioned here before how much I like Karen Carbrara's youtube videos but if you don't mind paying for a class then check out Marilee's class at craftsy.

BTW, they also have some classes on jewelry making too. I'm planning on trying some and will write about them here.

More new tatted bracelets at my esty shop and more to come!

The above tag was made using a Paint Shop Pro tutorial by Jamie at artistrypsp.com. She started the yahoo group and the classes ages ago and shares new tutorials every week in the artistry master's group.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10% off for repeat customers at my Etsy Shop!

Until August 31, 2013 if you buy something at my Etsy shop you will get an email give you the coupon code to get 10% your next purchase of $5 and up.

The photo is of one of my newest tatted bracelets. I'll be selling it at Etsy along with some black ones. I also have another style I just took pics of to list after I edit them.

I recently uploaded the PDF files of patterns that I sell at Etsy. No more waiting until I read your email to get the pattern you buy. Now once you pay for it, Etsy will send you an email with a link so you can download it.

The weather has been to hot to sit at the sewing machine but I have been working on projects that have been put aside. Finished 3 totes that I hope to sell the pattern for them to a craft magazine. If not I'll publish them myself. Will need to write up the directions. That makes 4 projects that need directions written for before I can do anything with them : (

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craftsy Classes


I've recently become a fan of Craftsy's web classes. If you are looking to learn a craft have a look. They even have a class on tatting taught by Merilee Rockley. She's yarnplayer at etsy in case you didn't know. I'm a big fan of her dyed threads.

Oh, and they have sales on classes often. I'll post when they do here at my blog so you'll know. Just click on the link to get to their site.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's My Birthday But You Get The Gift at Etsy!

Today is my birthday and I've put a 10% off any purchase coupon up at my Etsy store. Look for the code birthday13. Doesn't matter what you buy it's good until the end of the month. You can even use it for special orders!

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Puppy Keeping Me Busy But There are New Shuttles at Etsy!

This is the new member of the family. His name is Dillon. I wanted Dylan but my husband insisted on Dillon. Of course he get's called Dilly more than anything. He's really smart and catching on to housebreaking. He'll be 11 weeks this Sunday. Our cocker spaniel is so happy to have a new playmate. Cory may be 10 but he's still extremely playful.

Having to be with him all the time is keeping me from doing much else but I did get new Aerlit shuttles and bobbins up at my etsy store. I also have Aero shuttles and a few other kinds, too.

Here's a pic of the blue Aerlit so you can see how they are packaged. I don't have every color in stock so if you've been to the Handy Hands site and saw a color I don't have at my etsy store, just convo me thru etsy and I'll see if I can get it for you. Same goes with anything you see at Handy Hands. I don't sell thread any more unless you are willing to order a full box. That means the balls are the same size but can be mixed colors. For lizbeth you must order 5 balls, and for DMC yu must order10. I do give  20% discount on all boxes ordered.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A New Year

I know it's been awhile since I last posted. It seems like so much was keeping from the computer and now it's not working again. It seems like every Dec/Jan it gets a virus. This time nothing is showing up with virus scan but it keeps freezing so until I make the time to get our computer fixed I'm using my husband's laptop. He finally bought one to take when he travels but it's really getting a workout now :)  The guys I was using for tech service closed shop so I'm not sure where to take it now. Hate to think about it but I'm getting it's going to need a full restore and that will mean I'll lose my office 2007. My old tech guys put it on and I never did a backup of it. Now I wouldn't trust any program not to be compromised in some way. Need to get a computer just for me since it seems like every time something goes wrong it's my husband who's been using it.

No new info on the tatting book. Taking a lot longer due to unforseen problems. The seasonal tatting patterns are on hold until I get the main computer running again since that's the one with all the software I need.

Fighting a cold so I haven't been sewing either. I did get my sewing room sorted and some sewing done, just nothing new for sale.

Have been spending time over at Pinterest making favorite boards.Love that place and can spend all day looking at all the great stuff that shared.