Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tatting Book is being printed... finally!

These are some small origami bags I made last month. I took them to Tapas in Sewickley, PA to sell. I did have a few at etsy but they sold quickly.

I'm not listing much at the moment online to sell. I can't find the time and energy to make much since my husband was diagosed with cancer. Since he's home all the time I'm doing things with him instead of "creating" things to sell. When I do get time to myself I either tat, read, or I'm here on the computer.

Barb at Handy Hands is finishing up the editing on my tatting book so it will be printed soon. It will be different from the original tatting pattern as it will not have the pages on adding the finished items to things. It will also be written more for needle tatters than shuttle tatters. Shuttle tatters will still be able to follow the directions but they may find they want to chart the design differently to avoid cutting the thread so much. Needle tatters have an easier time of hiding thread ends that shuttle users. Here's what the cover should look like unless we make some more changes.