Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Few Dreams-

I still haven't heard back from the doll magazine. I'm beginning to think when they say to email them, it's better to send a snail mail letter. That way they have something in their hands and may remember you and it. If I don't hear back from them by May I think I'll see about turning the pattern into an online class. Maybe I'll add more flowers to choose from.

Finished the directions for the felt bears. Still need to do the pattern pieces but that's easy. I'm going to contact Soft Doll's & Animals magazine about them. Kelly has printed 3 or is it 4 of my patterns? SD&A doesn't pay as well as the doll magazines that were around in the 80's but they're really nice to deal with.

Finished the practice body for my new doll pattern. I like to work out the pattern in muslin until I get it how I want, then I move on to the pretty (and sometimes expensive) fabrics. I've been making doll gift bags for years now and decided to turn it into a pattern. This style of doll doesn't have legs. Instead the dress skirt is full and you tie the bottom closed with a ribbon (after putting the gift inside). It's 2 gifts in one! I know not everyone wants a doll with no legs so I'll be including a leg pattern. I'm thinking I'll do 2 dolls for the cover photo, one with legs and one without. The black and pink fabric for one and black, pink, and orange for the other. This is the fabric I bought last year at a quilt show. It was an expensive pack of quilt quarters but I had to have it for these dolls. I plan on starting the fun sewing next week!