Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Dolls and more at Etsy and Ebay

This is just one of the Halloween decor dolls I have up at ebay. Look for a Vampire Queen, a mummy, pumpkin ladies, and more there.

Here's a cat witch, too. I like to think that she was human but an enemy turned her into a cat. She got her revenge if you take a look at the cage she holds, inside are birds. Could they be those who put a spell on her?

Over at Etsy I have some Halloween items, too. Here's a tiny faery riding on a crow. She has a sister with orange hair who's also up for sale.
 I hope you'll take the time to click the link for my Etsy store. To find my items at Ebay just search for creativestitches in the advanced search. Most of my Halloween items are on sale. Some are as much as $15.00 less! I wish I could go lower on some things but shipping costs have gotten crazy expensive.