Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I won a prize at Bonehead Studios!

In my last post I told you about Flora at http://www.boneheadstudio.blogspot.com/ having a drawing to celebrate her blog. Well, I entered and my name was chosen first! Yay me! I really needed a pick me up since I have a had a bad case of the blues since April. Going from one sickness to another didn't help but winning a gift sure does!

I thought I might try this but now that ebay isn't going to allow any outside links, I wouldn't be able to share the contest with my friends in the ebay groups I belong to. Happy I didn't start a group because the leaders are in charge of removing outside links or their group could be suspended.

Got my domain renewal from yahoo. It's gone up again, this time to $34.95. Why are they treating their old customers so bad since new domains are really cheap? Must be taking lessons from ebay!

I have a small crocheted thread bear done. I wanted him to hold something so I'm working on a little paper mache pumpkin. Just have to paint and decorate it! Hope to list it on ebay next week. He's a halloween bear with a ruff collar and cone hat.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm finally back and lot's of stuff happening!

Finally back and without that stupid cold, but I do have a bad sunburn. Dumb to garden without putting on sunblock!

A friend from my ebay groups, HA31 & SEHA is having a drawing to celebrate her 100th post. She's giving away some fantasic stuff so go have a look and sign up! http://boneheadstudio.blogspot.com/

Some fantastic news! I finally got in at Patternmart. I have to pay a monthly fee to sell there but will be able to offer e-pats when I get them done! I put 3 of my patterns up this morning and plan on adding the rest a few at a time. Now I have to get my pdf maker and do those. Here's a link: http://www.patternmart.com/signup_form.php?acode=vnetheisl1&uid=221

That means you can now buy my patterns at my web site: http://www.heislerscreativestitchery.com/

at Doll Maker's Journey: http://www.dollmakersjourney.com/

at Cloth Doll Patterns : http://www.clothdollpatterns.com/

And don't forget to look for my ad in the fall/winter issues of Soft Dolls & Animals magazines.

Finally got a rabbit I made in April up for sale on eBay. I only made 2 rabbits for Easter but didn't get them finished in time to put them up so they have been packed away. This is the folk art primmy looking one. I'm thinking about adding wings to the other, so it's not up yet.
Here's a pic:

I really like her. I used the same pattern I used to make the winter dolls I sold on ebay to make her. She's teastained and has a bit of needle sculpting to her body. Her felt hat is removeable.

Here's a pic of the other rabbit. She's not up yet because I don't have her wings on her yet but I thought I'd post this pic anyway. A friend at Fairyzine has come up with a term called cupcake chic. I think she falls into that catagory.

As you can see I was really into dots in the spring. In fact I've been using dots and stripes a lot in the past year.

I'm finishing up 2 small crocheted bears. One is done for Halloween and the other is a butterfly bear. I'll post pics when I put them up at ebay. I'm also still working on the pattern for the prim folk art topsy-turvy doll. Got side lined with the cold but hope to get the faces painted this week.