Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snowgirls and Elves

Ok, now that I got all the bad luck and karma wrote about, here are some pics of my latest dolls at ebay. I somehow managed to get more dolls done! They were finished before Christmas but I didn't have time to get them up. My first snowgirl of the season is Miss Snowy Flurrette. For a full view of her go to the ebay link.

Here's Sparkle another snowgirl:

This is Trudy. I also have 2 boys at ebay, Nibs and Pip.

I thought I'd get hooked on making the snowgirls but it's the elves I'm really enjoying. I have 4 more I'm working on. Look for Jack & Jackie Frost, a mad hatter elf, and a snow queen elf. These guys are some much fun to make I'm not working on any new patterns (bad girl!). I was working on the gift bag doll but lost steam on it so I'll probably go back to the wall fairy I was working on last summer.

Hope you all have a very happy New Year!!!!!!

Dreams of a better new year & karma !

Wow, after rereading my last post just call me Debbie Downer. This blog was supposed to be about my dolls and the business and here I am moaning about being miserable. That only makes me more miserable.

I believe in Karma, not just the 'My Name is Earl' kind, doing good to make up for past bad stuff. I believe that what you put out in the universe, in your life, comes back to you. I've been thinking about all the bad stuff that's happened this year and how it made me even more pessimistic than usual. I've been moaning about the small and the big, totaling it up like a sales reciept. Could this be why more keeps happening? With all this wallowing and claiming I must have broke a mirror or worse to have this string of bad luck, am I calling more bad luck to me? I know with agoraphobia and depression being happy and grateful are pretty impossible but changing the way I think has got to be my new years resolution. When something bad happens no matter if it's as small as a pencil breaking or as large as ... (leaving it blank, use your imagination!, I've got to remember it's all a part of life. Crap happens. The post office and ebay don't raise their rates just to hurt me; my dog doesn't poo on the floor everyday to spite me, she's old and can't control herself; and appliances and other stuff breaking happens. Most everything around here is old so it shouldn't be a surprise when it happens. The big question is, even if I try to change a part of me will always be pessimistic, so can my karma really change for the better?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Nightmare of November Continues into December

I was hoping that this month was going to be better but it's not. Here's the run down on what's been going on so far.

1. Did get the dryer finally fixed but had to try a new guy. He seems ok but does charge more. Fingers crossed that he didn't nick the dryer belt or do anything else. I know I'm such a pessimist!

2. Was so excited when I finally got new end tables, a coffee table, and a leather lazy boy. It was all expensive stuff but saved a ton as the store was closing. I've been putting off getting new furniture because the cat tended to scratch everything ( he died so that was no longer a problem), my oldest dog (15) has accidents that include both ends, and the other 2 dogs race around and jump on the furniture. The lab also has another problem, he has the need to 'cover' over the Spice's pee accidents. She got stuck when I was moving furniture to clean and peed on the floor. Murphy not only peed on the spot, but on her, and the new leather chair! Didn't see him but as the other dog is small we knew it was him. Cleaned it up and used odor remover. Guess that wasn't enough because he did it again yesterday. Ready to have a stress induced break down.
3. Then there's Paypal shipping. For 3 days I had trouble printing postage. For one customer I had to retype her entire address because they wouldn't ok it. After 9 times and 3 days it finally went thru. Dial-up is a pain put this made it even more aggravating.

4. The cold I've had since the beginning of Nov. is playing come and go. One day I feel fine and the next it's back. I'm wondering if it's just allergies again.

5. I'm working on 3 elves and 3 snowgirls right now but it seems every time I get started on them something comes up, DOGS-PHONE-COMPUTER-HUSBAND-SHOPPING-HOUSE-MAIL-DOGS.
6. I've really got a case of over stress and it's causing the bah humbugs. I did get the outside of the house decorated but nothing is up inside. I also dread getting the mail each day cause there might be another Christmas card. I'm just not in the mood to send any.
7. Joined in one of my ebay group's Christmas ornament exchange. Made sure to finish the gift and get it plus some extra tatted wreath pins in the mail before the deadline. Haven't heard from my exchange partner and she hasn't bothered to post that she got mine. Guess she's too embarrassed to admit she got her gift but never send one.
8. Found out for sure that Kodak won't fix my camera and can't find suggestions on how to fix it. Don't know whether to see if a guy in Pittsburgh who work on cameras can fix it or not. So , so, so upset over this. It's just another example of our throw-away society when you can't get things fixed.

Managed to get all five of the tree toppers up but no nibbles yet. I find it amazing when I see other doll makers getting $200, $300, even over $400 for their cloth dolls. I need to find a group of people who like my work!

Here are a few pictures. For more go to my store from the link at the right side of the blog.