Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Pattern, Buttons the pincushion bear

This is a close-up of my newest pattern. It's for a felt bear sitting on a fabric pincushion. The pincushion is then attached to a container. I used a plastic icing container and give directions on decorating it but any container with a lid could be used. You could even use a decorated gift box. I've seen some nice ones at my local Dollar Tree that would work great. The pattern is available at my Etsy store right now and soon I'll get it up at my Patternmart store. The price is $8 for a PDF version. No printed version until next week.

The reason for no printed version of the pattern is that my printer finally stopped working. It won't even turn on now so yesterday I ordered a new one. I really hate having to replace it since it worked great for so many years. Fingers crossed this one is a good one, too.

This is the cover picture for the pattern.

A little more about this pattern. It was designed for Soft Dolls & Animals magazine last fall and was to be in one of the spring issues. Sadly they stopped production with the Dec/Jan issue. I rewrote the directions in Publisher and now it's ready for sale. I'm planning on designing more. I have a rabbit and a cat waiting to be "dressed" and an elephant and mouse waiting to be sewn.

I guess doll making isn't as popular as it once was. It's truly sad to have seen so many doll magazines end over the years. One woman who was involved in the business for many years was Gloria "Mimi" Winer. I was so shocked to find she passed away this past Feb. When I was first dipping my toes into the business I wrote her a letter asking a lot of questions and telling her about my problems with panic attacks. She surprised my by calling. In fact she called a few times just because she said she was thinking about me and wondered how I was. She was a treasure in the doll making world and I'm sure many of us will miss her. I found her husband is still keeping her business going so google her name to find places where you can buy her patterns and back issues of the newsletter she used to publish. I own a few of the patterns and they are fantastic! I also have all of the newsletters.