Friday, November 6, 2009

Go Daddy is driving me CRAZY but the domain is working!

All I wanted was an easy to use site like geocities was but Go Daddy is beyond frustrating! It took ages to figure out how to set the domain for the page I made with them. They no longer have the toll free number so it's email for me. After 2 weeks it's finally working today! When my domain comes up for renewal I think I'll be moving it elsewhere unless they start thinking "easy to use" and less "techie pain in the a_ _ let's make it as hard for regular people to use as we can". I think they have people from microsoft working for them. That's another site where I've found the help section worthless. No I take that back, the Pennsylvannia tax site's help section is awful, too.

Now I'm going to vent about their file manager. Again go daddy can't seem to help themselves when it comes to too many bells and whistles so everything is slowwwwwwwwwwww. Not a fan anymore. I loved them when I first transfered my domain from yahoo to them but not any more. Guess they want you to sign up for their techies to make your site instead of doing it yourself.

If for some reason it stops working you can go to: or
to get to the site. I did 2 sites in case one should go down the other is still there.

Need to vent about something else. First I got burnt when I bought a copy of Paint Shop Pro at ebay. It was a try and buy so would stop working right every 30 days. I thought I had a virus or somehting that kept corrupting the files. $20 down the drain and it took me a 6 months to figure out it was the software not my computer so the jerk got good feedback from me and all the others he screwed. Hope karma hits him! Not wanting to risk paying for another bad one I did the cheating thing and found free downloads of version 9, which is now longer being made by the way, so is it really cheating? No matter, it worked fine for 2 monthes until last night. I did a virusscan, spyware scan, and 2 disk cleanups. One was verizon which is my security software and one with the one that comes with winXP. I think the verizon one corupted the new PSP cause now all the crap that happened before is happening again. Looks like I'll be spending the night uninstalling and reinstalling. You bet I'm taking good notes on everything so I can keep track. I haven't used the verizon cleanup for months just the windows one. Another company I hate. Makes me wonder if that program caused some of the computer problem wew had all last spring and summer.

Did get some Christmas Dolls up at ebay and etsy today. Also found a bag of cute dolls that never made it up last year so need to get pictures this weekend and get them up, too. I finshed them right before Christmas so I never bothered to even list them last year. Look for some Christmas elves, a Christams witch, a snowman, and some ornies.