Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sewing Mat Pattern from Etsy

After I tidied up my sewing room and decided I didn't want my machine on the same table I use for cutting or on my old treadle machine I decided to use this narrow table I put together ages ago. Problem was there were no drawers so I knew I needed some sort of mat with pockets. At the time I was feeling more than a little burnt out designing so I had a look at pdf patterns at etsy and came across this shop .

The picture above is the one I made using her pattern. I left off the felt flowers (I plan on adding seashells) and made a different pincushion that I hung from a hook I sewed to the mat. I had a tin that was the same size as the scrap bin so I put it in the bottom. Makes it so much easier to empty when threads and fabric aren't stuck to the inside of the bin.

The really great thing about finding this pattern is that it's fired me up again to design so I 'm finishing up 2 pdf patterns. One will be free! I'll list it here at and on my web site.

I have a lot of ideas for free patterns I plan on doing but don't forget to check the link to my web site where I have some free patterns. They aren't pdf so you'll have to print them off the web if you want them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creative Times online magazine

I keep forgetting to post about Creative Times online magazine. I just finished ( I think) another article for the Sept/Oct issue. I still want to go over it again before sending. I've been saying that for a week now and just keep rewriting it :)
Here's the link that will take you to whatever is the current issue when you click on it. Check out the Archives, too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally Lisette is up for sale!

I finally made the time to put up my latest pattern Lisette, the gift bag doll for sale at all my sites. You'll find her at both mirror sites at . She's also up at Patternmart, etsy, and artfire. The pattern is $8 and as with all my patterns it comes printed book style with a photograph on the cover and in a zip top plastic bag. I'm not sure if I'll do her as a pdf but will post about here if I do.

Speaking of PDFs I've been getting requests for the tatting patterns done that way so overseas buyers can get them. I don't ever plan on offering them as PDF files and wish to say I'm sorry too but I don't ship overseas. You could always request my patterns be carried at a shop you know ships to your country. Maybe they would consider carrying them.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Free Patterns at my web site!

Did you know that I have free patterns at my web site? Most are tatting patterns but there is a sachet doll pin, a mini clothespin horse and an angel bell ornament for those who don't tat.

Here's a pic and link to the red, white, and blue tatted heart pin. Very appropriate for today! or

I have 2 sites set up so if you can't get to one you should be able to get to the other.