Wednesday, December 20, 2023

A New Tatting Pattern!

 I finally finished a new tatting pattern. Actually some of these patterns were the original tatted quilts I made. The Grandmother's Fan and Garden patterns are not like the basic squares I use in the other 3 patterns or my other tatted quilt patterns. I was never sure about charting them so set them aside while I moved on to the basic block designs.

This pattern is now at my Etsy store. You get all 5 tatting designs plus the directions for the items they are on.

The Fans are on a circular bag. There's a pocket on the outside and a divider inside. The Irish chain is on a drawstring bag. Grandmother's fan is on a tea cozy. The pinwheel is on a pincushion with a pocket. The blockade blocks were made into pins and glued to spiral bound index cards for a journal to keep small motifs and their directions. It's based on art junk journals.

Right now and until the new year all the patterns are on sale !!

BTW, I updated the freebie Dec. pattern. I finally found all the info so the stitches and DMC colors are now listed.