Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Forgot about these snowladies at ebay

Here are some pics of the snowladies I made and listed at ebay. I forgot to post the pics here. They're the same size as the small snowmen and are half dolls, too. I love the face on the one above, it's so sweet. In the picture below this snowlady looks a bit mean but it's just the angle the photo was taken at.

The snowgirl doll below is the same size as the cat I made for Halloween. She's a great size for sitting on a shelf, tucking in a large stocking, or even sitting in a large wreath. She's much more elegant than I usually make with her gold painted shoes and ribbon. I bought the fabric at an ebay store called mo and macs fabric shack. They have a lot of great fabric at pretty good prices.

More new dolls at ebay!

I finally got some elves finished. I know I should have started with elves instead of snowmen but I was in the mood for making snowmen. These 4 are up at ebay for one week (id: creativestitches). If ebay runs another special where I can list and not pay until the items sell I'll keep them there. If not they'll be moving to etsy or artfire.

Something else about these elves. They are smaller than the ones I have made before. Reason for going smaller? They fit in mailer envelopes while the larger ones don't. Since I always offer free shipping on my dolls I decided rather than pay to ship them in a box I'd just make them smaller. One more thing, I always name them but if you prefer a name of your own choosing I'll make the 'how to care for' card out in the name you want. All dolls come with a card that has tips on caring for the dolls. It is signed and dated, too.

Larger ones can be special ordered if paid for in advance. After getting stuck with a ghost bride a customer said she loved but then didn't take, I'm going to have to require payment before I go out and buy all the supplies.

Friday, December 17, 2010

More Snowmen! Let it Snow!

These are more of the snowmen I've listed at ebay. Search Seller id creativestitches to find them. I don't often workwith blue for Christmas but the snowflake prints are so perfect for these snowballs and the the snowman below. I also have 2 snowladies in blue at ebay right now. They're pretty big and are half dolls built on a wood dowel and on a star base.
I love these guys. After making Mr. Magic for Halloween I knew I'd be making snowmen for Christmas and I'm now thinking about some rabbits for Easter!

I moved some listings that expired at ebay over to etsy yesterday so if there's something you've been thinking about buying and now can't find, try the etsy link. When the special ebay is having on listing expires on Jan. 7, I won't be selling there again until they start another special. Look for everything that hasn't sold at ebay on either etsy or artfire after the 7th. Come back for more details!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look for new items to be listed this werek

This is one of the new items I'm listing at ebay. It's a stack of snowmen heads, a stack of snowballs! After making a few jack o lantern stacks I thought it would be cool to make this one. I also have one done in blue snowflake prints to get up.

In the next week look for snowmen made like Halloween's Mr. Magic, small snowladies, and some elves. The snowmen and ladies are done, just need the code written to be put up at ebay. I'm still stuffing and dressing the 4 elves. By Saturday I hope to get their faces painted. I know I'm so late for Christmas sales but I guess I'll be ready for next year ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

One at Etsy and one at Ebay

My latest item for sale, I know It's Christams and I'm still listing Halloween :) . I made 2 of these catfish witches. One is at ebay and the other is at etsy. They are slightly different as most handmade items are but the same fabrics and trims were used for both.

I just finished another dragon for an order so now I can get back to Christmas things. This is just one of the snowmen bell ornaments I have up at ebay. All 4 are made using different fabrics. Two have blue and white snowflake print fabric for the sleeves. This is the first time I've used blue for ornaments.

Remember if you want to find my things at ebay search for seller id: creativestitches.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally working on things for the holidays!

I made 2 catfish like this but never put them up for sale. I'll probably put one up at etsy and one at ebay in case anyone is still looking for Halloween things. If they don't sell look for them at Artfire.

I'm moving most of the Halloween things that didn't sell over to etsy instead of relisting them at ebay for now. At least I will be doing this when I can find the time.

No pics but I am working on some new things for Christmas and winter. I have 4 snowman bell ornaments almost done, 2 snowmen similar to my Mr. Magic I made for Halloween, 2 small 1/2 body snowladies, and a snowgirl with legs cut and sewn. They just need put together. When I get them done I'll be moving onto elves.