Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lovelorn Lena and her Frog Prince!

Yeah!!!! I finally finished my new pattern. It certainly took long but she is done and available for sale. You can buy her at my ebay store and my web store. I plan on opening an etsy store and will have her there, too. Hopefully I can get here at some other sites like and . They both sell some of my patterns but I'd love to get in some other online stores.
The picture is the same as I'll be using for the cover. Don't you love the frog?! I include 2 "spells" that are already printed. They are just bits of whimsey I made up. Also included is a face printed on muslin. Just paint or color in the features. So easy! There are 49 color pictures and 29 line drawings to make following the directions easy. Because of all the pictures, drawing, and the muslin face this pattern will sell for $12.00.
Did you know that ebay no longer allows e-patterns to be sold? I was trying to decide which version of Adobe Acrobat PDF maker to get when I found this out only by coming across some listings on ebay. I think I'll still get the software and offer e-pats at my sites and the etsy store. I love e-pats., it's great to get them right away. I think I'll still send a photo for the cover though. Hope you'll want to make her and the frog!

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