Friday, February 1, 2008

Thinking of Valentine's day

I'm slowly working my way thru my old web site and updating the handmade dolls and bears pages. It's taking longer than I had hoped but little by little I'll get it done. I have pictures of the things I made for Halloween up, even though most are sold. At least now customers will be able to see some of my work. When I get all these pages done I plan on starting a new gallery site for the things that are sold.
Finally got 2 little Valentine fairies up for sale at the eBay store. See the pics below and above! I'm almost done with the 2 flower ladies. I hope to finish them tonight and get pics taken this weekend. I like to take them outside but right now there's an ice storm going on out there. BRRRRRRRR ! I have taken pics when it's really cold and even windy but it's not something I really want to do.

I used leaves for the wings of the fairy with the brown hair. I really like how the skeletonized leaves look but I am worried about shipping the doll.
The blonde's wings are made from a sheet of angelina fiber. I bought some and ironed a sheet 2 years ago. Never could get around to using it until now.

This past year I gathered up all kinds of info on making wings and hope to try some out. It's always been easier to buy than make them but I'm going to try some different types as I make spring fairies.

I've also got Spring rabbits on my mind. They're the next things I plan on making for the store.

If you read any of my past posts you may be wondering what ever happened to the new pattern I was working on. Well it's under gone 4 transformations. From there being 2 dolls to now only one, clothing changes from the original drawing, a valentine doll, to now being a witch. Never know what she'll eventually end up being.

Look for my patterns being sold as e-patterns sometime this spring!

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