Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here's a pic of my latest Halloween doll, a ghost bride. I really like her and hope you will, too. Look for more on here at my eBay store where she's for sale.

I know I'm a few days early but I may not get back here on Wed. A few things I posted for Halloween on eBay have sold. I also joined some eBay groups in hope that adding their names would help get me more exposure. I'm alos getting out of some of the yahoo groups I belong to. There's just not enough time for them all. First to go was the Paint Shop Pro group. Next will be the altered art groups. Here's a list of the 5 ebay groups I now belong to:

1. HA31, Halloween Artists Gathering - Thay also have a web site. I'll link to it when I get on it.

2. SEHA, Society of Ecletic Halloween Artists

3. Dare to Design, I thought this was a group for fellow pattern designs but it seems to be a group a person who makes bead spiders started. Not much activity other than her posts.

4. ADSG, Art Doll Scuplture - Not sure I fit in here. Most make fairy and fatasy dolls from clay.

5. EFFA, Fareyzine - Not sure I fit in here either.
Can't believe there's not a Christmas doll group. In fact there's not many Christmas groups. I thought about staring one but don't know if I want the hassle of moderating even if I limit the membership. There's a dragon group and a thread bear group. I should join these, too.

Here's another of my new dolls. She's a vampire queen. Wish I could have gotten a better picture of her. All the black makes her face photograph badly, you can't see her nose. She's on eBay, too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Nightmare of a Month

I could have done without this month.

First my husband decided to take a trip to Michigan for 9 days. I was all excited thinking I'd have so much time to finish the bag doll pattern, make some things for Halloween, and catch up on some projects around the house but life had other plans for me. The Sat. morning he left started out well. I was working on tidying my sewing room while my 15 year old springer spaniel slept. When I heard her moving I went to check on her and found she was having trouble standing. Thinking it was just because she was on the bed I lifted her off and carried her outside, that's when I realized she couldn't keep her balance. After taking care of her all day I was sure she had a mini stroke. My Mom came to stay to help me (Love Ya Mom!). I refused to take her to the vet knowing he'd just suggest putting her to sleep so I feed her Rice Dream milk with an eyedropper, got her to drink pedialyte, and barely slept so I could get up when she tried to get up. Amazing but by Wednesday she was walking on her own again and eating (as long as it wasn't dog food). When my husband got home he was surprised she had improved so much. We had been on the phone everynight talking about her. She still has a slight tilt to her head but no other problems. She's even eating her Iams again.

While I was so busy taking care of her, my cat died. He was the same age and hadn't been in good health all summer. We had been talking about having him put to sleep but decided to put it off until after the trip.

Next 2 friends died. Both of cancer but still it was a shock. This week will be the 20th anniversary of my fathers death. He died way too young of a heart attack.

In between all this pain and grief I've been making Halloween items for my eBay store. I've got mini crochet teddy bears in ornie cones, small mohair bears dressed in Halloween prints, some witches, and a cat. Here's a close-up of one of the witches I made: