Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tatting supplies back in stock at Etsy

I've finally got myself together and have listed tatting shuttles, bobbins, and gauges at my Etsy store.

Last month I stepped off a stair, fell, and sprained my ankle really bad. I probably should have gone to the hospital but it was a Sunday so I decided to wait till morning. Since I could stand on it, even though it was swollen, I decided to do the RICE treatment without going to the clinic.It's been a month and I'm ok, it's still a little tender. It would have gotten better sooner but I kept stepping in depressions in the yard and hurting it again. Now I'm being VERY careful and trying to catch up some. With my springer in heat that's not easy. Our male lab makes it hard.

That's pretty much it. If you need to contact me, please do it thru ebay or etsy for the quickest answers.