Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Just in case I end up in bed with this flu I have:

Fairy up at ebay

This is Elke. She's a snow fairy or faery if you prefer this spelling. Even though I've got the flu I'm still struggling to do some things. I can't get out to finish shopping so I thought I'd put Elke up for sale.

I've also been putting in some time working on my facebook page. Really prefer the blog but thought I'd give it a try.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still working but fighting flu!

Here are 2 pics from my studio taken last week. The table is full of elves that are done and flower fairies/elves (haven't decided!)  that aren't. The felt snowmen, cat and mouse are up at ebay as are the 2 boy elves. The owl on the pumpkin isn't quite finished. The owl needs to be attached to the pumpkin. He's pinned to it now. There's even more that didn't get finished for the holidays. I'm fighting the flu and I'm not felling like I'm winning :)

This is a pile of fabric and supplies to be put away but I wanted to show off my old tree skirt. I've added something with the year worked on it for every year I've been married. There's tatting, patchwork, felt things, embroidery, beads, crochet, and even paper crafts. The angel in the middle of the picture is a cheater. I cut her out from Christmas fabric then stitched her to felt and added the heart she holds. There are a few quicky ones when I didn't have time for much. Over the years I wished I'd made it using a solid color instead of gingham but when I got married gingham and eyelet were pretty popular. I even thought about removing everything and putting it on a new skirt but after all this time I think it would ruin the memory. Besides the tree is always done in red, white, and green and it has low branches so the skirt doesn't show much. It's more the memories I get when I get out out and put it away that make me happy!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2 new elf boys at ebay

 These are 2 new elves I listed on ebay.  Kirby, above, has a small hard back book. It's Christmas A-Z! Dunstan, below, comes with a wood sled. They're the same as the ones I make every Christmas with the fully wired body. All the felt clothing is hand sewed!

Felt Pilgrim Mouse at ebay!

Is this little guy too cute?! It's another pattern from Cheswick. I'm late in finishing him but I thought I'd still list him. I love to work with felt so these patterns are perfect for me.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Felt Snowmen and Cat at ebay!

Here's a new cat I made that's up for sale at ebay. I used a pattern I bought at etsy by Cheswick. I designed the hat and scarf and added the tail. The original pattern didn't have a tail.

These 2 snowmen are also up at ebay. The only difference in them is the color of the scarves and the hat bands. Again I designed the hat and scarf patterns. I love these cute small felt decor dolls! I also have a pilgrim mouse to list. Last month I made a cat and frog for Halloween, a bit late but they were also from patterns by Cheswick.

Cheswick doesn't have a penguin but I used pattern parts from they're other patterns to design one. I still have to do the feet.

Watch for elves and Christmas fairies coming soon to my ebay listings!