Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dsl dreams can come true!

Just a quick post to say how happy I am to finally have dsl. The slow dial-up I had kept me from doing so much but now, look out, I'm reading blogs and web sites that used to take 10 minutes or more to load! For the past few days I have to admit to not getting any work done as I go to sites I always wanted to see like the fairy society but couldn't because they were so graphic intensive that they just wouldn't load. Fun to see but didn't join. Same with the Harry Potter Lexicon.

Did get a store open at etsy under 1creativestitches but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with that name. I'm not happy with the one in front so I may have them close that account and reopen as creative::stitches or creativestitches::, there are already 3 other creativestitches but I hate to give up the name everyone knows me by at ebay. I also thought about going different with magicstitchescreations or creativemagicstitches but they are both kinda long. I have the worst time trying to make up my mind about anything so the store will sit empty until I do. I noticed that some people have mulitple stores to sell different things and I thought about that, too. I could sell patterns and supplies at one store and finished items at the other. That seems what a lot of people do. I did make a great banner for the store and used my little sewing girl as my avatar. You can go to and choose user name from the search drop down menu to find me if you want to see what done on the store so far. Oh well, I'm off to catch up on more sites and blogs! This week I hope to post pics of the 2 rabbits I finished.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Info about Halloween Artists, Katie, & other stuff

I wanted to say congrats to Katie, Punkin Doodle Boo, from my ebay group Halloween Artists. She was accepted into another fabo ebay group, Pfatt. This is a great group to get into and hard to get into (I know I tried!). Not only do they have an ebay group, they have a website where they showcase members work, . To celebrate becoming a member Katie's doing a giveaway of one of her fun sculptures. Go over to her blog to enter before May 10 th for a chance to win Peter Punkin Eater.

Besides Halloween Artists (HA31) I also belong to another fun halloween group at ebay called Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists (SEHA). They are a busy group, always having contests and challenges for it's members. Type in HA31 and SEHA to find some great Halloween art at ebay. The link for Halloween Artists web site in my links section takes you to our group site where you can see members work and read about halloween. SEHA hasn't started one yet. HA31 also has an off-site mesage board so we can talk about stuff ebay wouldn't want us to and a blog.

Now that I'm ready to open a store at I'll be looking to join some groups there, too. Def need some networking over there! So much new to learn.

Big news for me, I'm getting high speed DSL this week! I've been on sloooow dial-up since my first computer and with how long blogs and other sites can take to load, was going crazy waiting and waiting. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

I am working on the new pattern for a topsy-turvy doll. Sorry but no pics to post yet. I'm also finishing up 2 rabbits that were supposed to be done for Easter but I got sidelined and am just finshing them now. March was just too early for me to think rabbits. Doesn't it seem like it should be Easter this weekend?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About Comments & Email

I realize many love to leave comments after they read blogs, it's part of the experience isn't it? But after saying that I have to admit I don't check for them.

If you have ever tried to comment or even email me I have to say I'm sorry. Maybe when I get caught up on more things I'll change the settings.


Lovelorn Lena and her Frog Prince!

Yeah!!!! I finally finished my new pattern. It certainly took long but she is done and available for sale. You can buy her at my ebay store and my web store. I plan on opening an etsy store and will have her there, too. Hopefully I can get here at some other sites like and . They both sell some of my patterns but I'd love to get in some other online stores.
The picture is the same as I'll be using for the cover. Don't you love the frog?! I include 2 "spells" that are already printed. They are just bits of whimsey I made up. Also included is a face printed on muslin. Just paint or color in the features. So easy! There are 49 color pictures and 29 line drawings to make following the directions easy. Because of all the pictures, drawing, and the muslin face this pattern will sell for $12.00.
Did you know that ebay no longer allows e-patterns to be sold? I was trying to decide which version of Adobe Acrobat PDF maker to get when I found this out only by coming across some listings on ebay. I think I'll still get the software and offer e-pats at my sites and the etsy store. I love e-pats., it's great to get them right away. I think I'll still send a photo for the cover though. Hope you'll want to make her and the frog!