Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Pattern for Angel Doll Ornie

In case you've never been to my web site you can find a pattern for this easy to make angel ornie there. I made her wings and dress using cross stitch fabric but she's even cuter made  from other fabrics and lace!

Here's the link to get the free pattern:;postID=3716548397483097247

Sorry it's been awhile, mermaids at ebay

Here are the newest mermaids I have at ebay. Just got in the mood for them after making a witch mermaid before Halloween. Right now I'm making some elves. You'll find a few up at ebay right now. I'll post pics another time.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Making a Photobucket Slideshow

Ok, this may seem a bit wacko but I wanted to post about making a slideshow at
It was surprisingly easy and I put it on my ebay ME page. It shows dolls I just made for Halloween. Most are still available so if you see one you like contact me at ebay or etsy and I can list it for you.

Now that I know how easy it is, I'll make one for my winter Christmas dolls, too.

Angel Bear Pattern In Soft Dolls & Animals!

Look for the Jan. issue of Soft Dolls & Animals to get the pattern for this tree topper angel bear I designed. It may say Jan. on the cover but you should be able to get it now. She's built on an empty thread cone like my snowmen and prim angel patterns. The felt makes sewing the bear much easier that using fur. Substitute fuzzy felt for a fur look!

Took me ages to get this photo upright. Don't know why blogger insisted on putting it sideways. I had to go to picassaweb where they store all the blog photos and fix it there.

New Dolls at Ebay and no sewing machine!

Here's a pic of a new doll I have up at ebay. I got the pattern for him and a few others at The Cheswick Company's etsy store. Love her patterns because you use felt to make them. I also have a cat done but have to edit the pics. Look for a Christmas cat, a Thanksgiving mouse, and 2 snowmen. I just need to decide what kind of bases I'm putting them on.

Last week was another one of those weeks where it seems every time I touch something electronic I do damage. First my sewing machine won't pull the fabric thru as I'm sewing. I'm hoping it's just the feed dogs so I ordered a new one. When I pulled out my back-up machine, which is a really old one I was given when my eldest Aunt died, I found the rubber belt is bad and needs replaced. Instead of doing that I ordered a new Singer at HSN. I've never ordered from them but my brother is a fan so I thought I'd try it. With all the extras it was a better deal than buying elsewhere. I'm glad I have until Jan. to try it. This is a good time of year with sewing so much to give it a real try out.

My next problem was my vacuum. The on-off switch went bad. The machine isn't worth fixing with all the other broken bits it has so I'm going to have to look for a replacement. I'm hoping this month isn't one of those where things keep breaking or going wonky.

I get so depressed when stuff like this happens so instead of doing my work I play online games. What a waste! I have too much to do and shouldn't waste time.