Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Free Pincushion Pattern

 I guess you were expecting a free embroidery pattern, but though I have all 12 designs drawn and traced I haven't started stitching yet.

I needed a wrist pincushion so I turned it into a pattern to share. I know there are other versions of this style but here's mine.

Material List -

For the band you may need longer or shorter pieces to fit your wrist- You can substitute wide ribbon for the band (so much easier)
9" x 7" piece of cotton fabric and of thin batting or interfacing
4" x 4 1/2" pieces of red felt and white felt
matching sewing thread
3 fun buttons
embroidery floss or pearl cotton
1" x 1/2" piece of velcro or other closure
small amount of polyester filling or wool roving

1. Cut out the 2 hearts from the felt.
2. Lay one felt heart on top of the other. Use all 6 strands of floss to sew the hearts together using a blanket stitch or running stitch. Make sure to leave an opening for stuffing.
3. Stuff the heart firmly. Continue stitching the opening closed.
4. Cut 3 circles from cotton fabric.
5. Sew a gathering stitch close to the edge and pull tightly to make a yo-yo. Shape and flatten it. Repeat for the other 2 circles.
6. Follow the picture for where I placed the yo-yos or put them where you want. Sew them in place and add a button to each center.
7. Now make the wrist band. My band is 8 1/2" but you may need it longer or shorter. I wanted it to go over shirt and sweater sleeves. Measure your wrist and add about 2" and 1/2" for the seam allowances.
8. Fold the fabric in half and lay the strip of batting on top. Sew leaving an opening for turning.
9. Turn right side out. Press and sew opening closed.
10. Sew the velcro to the ends. Make sure one piece is on the top and one on the bottom. Option: add a fun button the top end.
11. Fold the band in half to find the center. Pin the heart pincushion there and hand sew in place.

All done!

Here's a heart pattern to use but you can cut one any size you want.

Life's been busy and I'm really working on my habit of procrastination. Have you heard about choosing a word for the year? The various art groups I follow do this so I thought I'd choose procrastination but I now see it should be focus since this is what I need to do to stop all the putting off things.

I did really well last month. That's when I made the pincushion. In fact I started designing more of them with the intent to do a year of free ones but changed my mind after I got the ideas for some embroidery. I'll be starting one in a few days. Right now I dealing with some really bad allergies and mostly resting. Look for one to be listed by the end of the month.

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