Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Yay! It's not covid

 My test came back negative!!!! Now it looks like I've been sick with a sinus infection. I can believe it since my allergies have been SO bad. I hate to take meds but it really looks like I'm going to have to try some different kinds till I find one that works best.

I'm looking forward to another free art summit (march 2 - 14). Here's the link: 2022-loving-healing-creating-summit  Oh, and Ida Andersen Lang  is having a free class starting on the 28th. I've signed up for both so I'm hoping that I'll feel good enough to take them. I haven't taken much time to make any art since I'm trying to embroider this year's freebies so I'm really looking forward to the classes. This year I decided to design all 12 freebies so I can get them made right away instead of doing one a month. I'm going shopping tomorrow to look for fabric to border the squares.

I need to start posting pics of my work. In fact I need to start taking photos again. Just another thing I got out of the habit of.

oh no, I lost track of time. I wanted to post on 2-22-22 or 22-2-22 if you say it that way. Hope you had  a great day and the flu has stayed away for you and yours.