Monday, January 10, 2022

Why I'm Not posting for a while---

 I know I'm way late putting up a freebie but I just can't get my brain thinking about new designs. You see I lost 2 of my cousins, sisters, at Christmas. They wouldn't get flu shots even though they both had illnesses that made them more likely to get really ill and it caught up with them. They almost lost their Mom and aunt, who had their shots but also had underlying illnesses, last summer so you'd think they get over their fear of the shots but no. So I lost 2 women I grew up with and I'm sad but also super mad. Until I deal with it all I think I'll be blocked. I took a free art retreat last week called 'Women Unleashed' and it helped me accept the anger but now I have to release it to move on. 

I hope to get back by Feb.

Please get your covid shots and wear a mask. Please be considerate about other people and have compassion for everyone. Please be kind.