Friday, February 18, 2022

Too sick to stitch

 Yeah, I know, I bitched last year about wearing masks to avoid covid along with getting all your shots (which I did) and what did I do? I went in my local library and didn't pull up my mask. Three days later I came down with covid, well at least that's what I think I have. My DH took me to CVS yesterday to get tested, so now we wait. So far, fingers crossed, he won't get it. It's definitely not so bad I need to go to the hospital but I am soooooo tired. I'm sure some of what I'm dealing with is my regular allergy crap. So be careful out there cause you never know where that germ is lurking.

I have so much embroidery to do but just can't wrap my brain around any of it. I have been crocheting some boot cuffs but even that isn't going well. I have to use a lot of safety pin to mark the stitches because I keep making mistakes. I have 2 new doll patterns for spring started but again I just can't get past sitting and looking at my supplies.

So it looks like the schedule I set up for myself at the end of the year has gone down the drain for now.  By the time I feel well enough to work again I'll be behind as usual :(

I'm off to curl up with a blanket, a hot cup of tea, and my cat. Will post again soon.