Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Updating patterns and other things

It seems like every time I post I'm going to get some things done something happens. This time I fell down some stairs outside and sprained my ankle really bad. Our insurance is crap so I didn't go to the hospital. I should have but since I've had a fracture before and know how it feels, I knew this wasn't one. My big problem was that I forgot I still had a brace. That would have kept me from hurting it over and over. It seemed every time I went outside I managed to step wrong and twinge it all over again. It's been over a month and it still hurts a bit but at least I feel like getting back to work.

Today I finally put the finishing varnish on the decoupaged tatting shuttles I started last Nov. So much has happened since then. This has been a really awful year for my family. Yesterday my brother called from Vermont where he and my sister-in-law were on their way to visit some friends for a nice vacation. Turns out they were caught in a terrible rain storm and were rear-ended by a large dump truck! They weren't injured but the trunk is now in the backseat.

I've also decided to work on going over all my patterns looking for mistakes, add more drawings and pics if needed, and change the PDFs. I decided to make the pictures and drawings larger in the PDFs. To keep the cost of printing the patterns down, I've always made them small. Once I get them done I'm going to try to send out emails to those who have purchased them offering to send the new version for FREE! I had 8 done and then I decided to make more changes so now I only have 2 done.

I'm making BIG changes to the crocheted chatelaine pattern. I"m making a new sample using size 3 Lizbeth threads. I also found some of the directions were not written clearly so I'm fixing that.

I also plan of fixing the legs of the birds in the bird riders patterns. The birds have been torn apart now I just need to decide how I want the.

I have a new pincushion pattern half done. The elephants are done, I just have to do the containers. I even have the directions done except for the containers.

OK, everyone send good thoughts my way so nothing slows me down again. ;)