Thursday, September 6, 2018

More Decorated Shuttles and matching bags up at Etsy!

This is one of the shuttle/bag sets I've listed at my Etsy store today. This one is so cute with the sailor teddy bears. I've been saving that quilters quarter for a while but finally decided it was time to stop looking at it and use it.

This one is another fabric I had stored on my fabric shelves but this time it was because it never worked for any of my dolls. I think it looks great for the bag.

I love these fabrics so I've made others like this set but I used different color cats.

Finally for today is this set with stars.

Prices go from $16 - $17 for these. You'll find them at my Etsy store!

I still have 3 more sets and 4 shuttles that don't have matching bags to list. Keep checking back, Thanks!