Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Here's more decorated shuttles and bags -

Below are pics of some of the decorated shuttles and bags I have up at Etsy and Ebay. I use either Aerlit or Moonlit shuttles. Some don't have matching bags.

This one is at ebay (creativestitches). It doesn't have a matching bag because I didn't have enough of this fabric.

This one is at Etsy. I do buy a lot of fabrics and papers with butterflies. I try not to cover every set with them. 

These moonlit shuttles have paper instead of fabric like I usually use. One has a butterfly and the other a hummingbird. The bottom one is at Etsy. The other has already sold.

This one has the same fabric on both sides. I usually use 2 matching fabrics. Look for it at Ebay.

I love pansies and have had this fabric for a while. Like the bear fabric I used for a set I wrote about in my last post, this one has been on my fabric shelf not being used because I 'was saving it'. Time to stop saving and start using. I'm leaving the "she who dies with the most fabric wins" club. This set was at Etsy but it's already sold.

Gray dots are not something you often see so when I found this fabric, as a fan of dots, I had to buy some. I'm glad I did cause it matched this butterfly print fabric I had bought the month before. This set is at Etsy.

Now I can get back to work on my patterns. It's been SO rainy & dreary. I need to take pics for various patterns I'm updating and new ones I'm working on. A few weeks ago I found the majority of my pattern pics had been ruined so I decided to take advantage of it and take new pics for some of them. Since I take my pics outside I need the weather to cooperate.