Sunday, May 13, 2018

Re-opened the Etsy store with limited items

A quick Happy Mothers Day's. I went to my Mom's grave (gee I hate even writing that) yesterday. I put a pretty silk arrangement of peonies (one of her favs) on one corner on the headstone. I already had one of white and pink mixed flowers on the other corner. My brother put a wreath of yellow flowers in the middle so she should be very happy since she loved flowers.

Ok, now about the Etsy store. I relisted most of my digital patterns. I think I still have a few more to add so if you want one but don't see it, convo me thru Etsy and I'll get it up. I'm still holding off on adding printed pattterns, tatting supplies, and other things that have to be mailed. I need to sort what I have and my shipping supplies. I'm also finishing up some decopauged tatting shuttles I started back in Dec. before I put everything aside. One side is done but I still have to do the other sides. The matching totes are also done. I'm still feeling blue but I'm hoping getting back to the store and crafting will help me fight the depression.