Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Thought I'd pop in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and if you celebrate another holiday I hope it's happy, too. I finally got the tree up this afternoon and decorated the house on Monday. Just didn't feel like spending time doing it so I kept putting it off. Speaking of putting things off. I finally started gift shopping yesterday. I know, could I have waited any longer! I don't have many to buy so it was pretty easy. I just have a few more things to get either tomorrow or Christmas eve. I used to do all of my shopping on Christmas eve but stopped when people would stop by and I couldn't get out.

These are 2 more totes I made for Tapas in Sewickley. You can see others in my last post if you missed it. Janet, the owner, sent this great vintage fabric for me to sew whatever I wanted so I lined a jean purse and made the water bottle tote to match. I'm not a huge fan of the jeans purses so these will be my last. I'm going to use old skirts from now on.

Here are 2 more made from the same pair of kid's jeans. I lined the purse with star print. I love the water bottle tote. I found this great cat print for the top of it.

On Monday I literally stayed up all night going thru all the inventory lists I had for Tapas and the sold receipts Janet sends when she pays me. I haven't done this since 2003 so had quite a few to go thru even though she now only pays me about 2 times a year. I was amazed when I realized just how much stuff I have at that shop and how old some of it is (from the 90's!). If I can get my panic attacks under some sort of control I hope to get there sometime in the next few months and pick up a bunch of the older stuff that's not selling and is probably looking more than a little worn.

This pic is of the fall tatting patterns I'm finishing up on top of a pile of holiday fabric. I've gotten side tracked by tatting rings for the new etsy store I want to open just for tatted and beaded jewelry. I'd like to have about 10 things to put in it when I open it next month. Tonight I'll be making earrings.

*Merry Christmas * Happy Hanuka *

*Happy Kwanzaa * Happy New Year*

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