Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can you believe it, I'm back again!

I know, what a shock! I'm back again to add another pic. This one is of the skinny snowman I made. He's another put together last Dec. but never finished. My husband dislikes him because he's so thin but I think he's funny. One thing I did learn while adding the finishing touches, he would have made a great skeleton! I've got to remember that for next Halloween.

Finished the Tapas bears but when I went to package them I found I had gotten rid of the box I needed to mail them in. Took ages but found one I can use.

Got 9 bears out of the old jacket I've been writing about. They're all machine sewn, now for all the hand work. I think 4 will go in prim totes, 2 in each. Then I'll put 2 in metal sleds and the other 3 in stockings (I have to make). Was going to take pics but need to figure out how to use the flash on my camera. I always take pics outside so I never use it and didn't bother to learn how to turn it on.

Today's been another bad day. I'm out of black ink for my printer. I thought for sure there was one more in the box I store all the extras in but no. I did manage to print a pattern to go out today but I don't think I'd even be able to get a label printed. I'm trying to buy ink from the person I get it at at ebay but she's not answering my email so I tried a message thru ebay today. If I don't hear from her tomorrow I'll buy it elsewhere.

With all this trouble I thought I'd fire up the old win98 computer and use it's old epson printer for a few things I need printed but that didn't work out either. The printer turns on ok but when I send files to be printed it just sits there. Guess I'll have to uninstall the software and reinstall it tomorrow. I removed a usb hub I didn't need anymore so I guess it's confused as to where the printer is.

It's been like this for a month now. My small spaniel ended up in hospital after having a bowel obstruction. I've had a cold that one minute seems like it's going away and then it slams me so I can't do anything but sneeze, cough, and blow my nose. I broke one pair of my glasses and lost another in a huge pile of leaves. I'm scared to color my hair for fear it will all break off. Just hope it all ends soon as I'm having a new furnace installed on Monday. I know, stupid to do it in the the cold weather but try to tell that to my husband. Maybe that the thing this time. The furnace will be fine but after 2 days and no real heat I'll be sicker. Guess I'll be sitting in front of both electric heater blasting!

Ill try to get some pics of all these bears up once I figure out the flash!

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